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Ever since its premiere on Prime Video during the COVID-19 pandemic, “Panchayat” has raised the bar for what makes a perfect online series. Acknowledged for its simplistic approach, the Panchayat series has garnered immense appreciation across the country. In spite of its rural setting in the fictional Uttar Pradesh village of Phulera, the show has maintained its appeal to a large audience into its third season. Similar to the first two seasons, the third season has quickly gained everyone’s affection.

The show starts with a city boy adjusting to village life. Season 2 further added nuance and complexity. Now, the third installment of the series has made a successful comeback with a bang. The episodes of the third season are divided into two halves. While the first half highlights Sachiv Ji’s attempts to reclaim his position in Phulera, the second concentrates on the vibrant political environment of the hamlet. The third season emphasizes drama more than its predecessors, yet it still keeps things simple. Eventually, certain scenes will become chaotic and unpredictable.


This season has a number of intriguing plots, such as the political competition between Phulera West and East, the search for a better house for her family by an elderly widow, and Prahlad’s sorrow at his son’s martyrdom. However, once more, Jitendra Kumar gives an exceptional performance in the role of Sachiv Ji.

Born on September 1, 1990, Jitendra Kumar is an Indian actor best known for his performances in comedy skits and web series by The Viral Fever. In these, he played many memorable characters, such as Jeetu, Gittu, Munna Jazbaati, and Arjun Kejriwal. However, the popularity of “Panchayat” has drawn a lot of attention to Jitendra Kumar.

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As the show moves into its third season, speculation over Kumar’s pay has surfaced. Rumors claim that he is paid Rs. 70,000 for each episode. However, Kumar has responded to these rumors with candor and wisdom. His response shed light on the realities of the entertainment business.

Jitendra Kumar talked about rumors of getting Rs. 70,000 for each episode of Panchayat 3

ABP Live recently reported that Jitendra got paid Rs. 70,000 for each episode. There are eight episodes in the third installment of Panchayat 3. As a result, Jitendra would be getting Rs. 5,60,000 in total fees. It was also stated that he surpassed his fellow cast members in terms of pay due to these humongous fees.


In a recent interview with the Hindustan Times, Jitendra Kumar addressed the speculation that he was the highest-paid actor on Panchayat 3. He said that the trend of talking about people’s pay is not good without verifying or refuting the rumors. He said:

“Well, I think discussing somebody’s salary and financial matters is really unfair. Nothing good comes out of the discussion, and it’s not even fruitful. So, I think one should avoid falling for any such rumors; should not be a thing.”

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Jitendra Kumar talked about his experience with the Panchayat series.

During the same interview, Jitendra Kumar talked about coming back to the third episode of the Panchayat series on Amazon Prime Video. Jitendra discussed the success of the series and the affection he received from his followers. He said,

“As an actor, the show has changed a lot of things for me. But when it comes to my personal life, not much has changed. I have just made minimal changes in my life to make it more comfortable. As an actor, when your show becomes such a massive hit and gets love from all quarters, it comes with more opportunities to make better films, work on better scripts and work with interesting filmmakers. It becomes my responsibility to try to do the work in a more creative and interesting way to meet the expectation of my fans. And that’s what my attempt is… That I add more and push myself more in my future projects to maintain the position.”

Jitendra also discussed the lives of his on-screen characters in the series. For the uninitiated, his character centers on an engineering graduate who, in the absence of better employment opportunities, started working as a secretary in a panchayat office in the Uttar Pradesh village of Phulera. Speaking about his experience, Jitendra further stated,

“When I read the script for the third season, it seemed really interesting to me… And it wasn’t like the makers were trying too hard to do something different. They are telling new stories and interesting situations in the same space. I was very excited about it. And revisited the character with more energy and without any pressure. In the end, what works is the good script, and we rely on that.”


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