POSTOAST’s Editorial Policy And Guidelines

Who We Are

Postoast is everyone’s one-stop destination for all things creative, informative, trending, entertaining and amazing. From the latest on the most happening stuff on the internet to the finer details of interesting things, Postoast touches upon topics ranging from entertainment to informational. From humble beginnings in 2016 to the rapidly growing presence on the Internet today, Postoast has been able to carve a niche of its own in a dominant content world. Everything is presented in simple, specially-structured styles that is snackable, sharable and relatable.

Being a news, entertainment, and lifestyle website, we believe in the power of telling factual, accurate, and engaging stories to both enlighten and entertain. We are a team of people committed to bringing high-quality journalism to our readers.

We cater to our target audience by reporting and publishing the latest news with in-depth analysis. Our team is dedicated to delivering consistent, accurate, reliable, and unbiased news stories from around the globe. You can dive into the exciting world of entertainment with our captivating segments, celebrity interviews, reviews of the latest movies, music, TV shows, cultural trends, fashion trends, and much more.

We are strictly against viral misinformation by having reliable and trustworthy journalistic standards.

Every piece of content on Postoast is created and communicated to you with these editorial policies and standards in mind.

We follow a thorough stage-wise review & editorial process while creating all our content.

Our Editorial Workflow

Planning & Research

Our team conducts comprehensive research to provide accurate and fair content catering to our brand and target audience. Each content category on our website is unique and has a well-defined structure to provide consistency. We conduct market research to understand the demographics, interests, and preferences of our target audience. We follow a content calendar and consider SEO keywords and trends to optimize content for search engines.

Content structure

After the idea is confirmed, it is segregated into a relevant content category. We follow a well-defined structure set for every content piece for each category to maintain consistency.

Content curation

Our dedicated team analyzes existing news and entertainment websites in our niche to identify the areas for differentiation and determine opportunities for innovation and improvement.

Content Creation

Our expert team of writers and editors strives to create authentic content. We create original, impartial, credible content.

Citation and Referencing Sources

We understand the importance of citation and referencing and our team follows the principle of ‘cite while you write’ to maintain credibility and integrity.

  • Whenever we use information or data from external sources, we attribute them appropriately.
  • References to the original sources within the content are preferably highlighted through hyperlinks.
  • When directly quoting someone else’s words, quotation marks are used.
  • Our editors provide proper image and media attribution used on the website.

To ensure consistency in formatting and style throughout the website, we follow a particular citation style.

Content Review – Fact-Checking, Accuracy & Corrections

After the content is prepared, it goes through a review cycle ensuring accuracy and consistency to meet our quality norms. Our team reviews the language consistency and conducts a readability assessment.

The content is written in an easy-to-understand manner. Our editors fact-check and proofread the content before it’s published to ensure content meets editorial standards.

Ethics Policy

Postoast is committed to providing accurate, ethical, and transparent content. Our editorial policies and processes are designed to support our values. We have stringent guidelines for writing about sensitive topics like suicide, sexual assault, drug abuse, etc. Our goal at Postoast is to provide original content that abides by all applicable standards, laws, and accepted journalistic practices.

Plagiarism and Fabrication

Postoast has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism and fabrication, and violation of this policy will be deemed an offense. The manager is to determine how much content is required to constitute plagiarism and the writers must produce content with original structure and phrasing with additional information and context.

The editor-in-chief conducts a thorough evaluation to ensure there are no plagiarised content on the website.

Actionable Feedback And Regular Updates

User feedback is very important to us and the team encourages constructive feedback from the readers to improve the content quality on a regular basis. To identify areas for improvement the content is regularly evaluated.

The content is updated regularly to keep up with the latest news and trends. If our published content has some factual error, our team corrects the error as quickly as possible and updates it to ensure it continues to be timely, authentic, and relevant.

We encourage comments on our articles and want to promote open and thoughtful conversations where the readers can share their views and exchange ideas safely.

If you ever find any incorrect information or fault with any article we’ve published and have a possible correction to share, you can get in touch with us via- [email protected]

You can also suggest any substantive update with us. We assure you that all submissions and reports will be read and investigated with an open mind and an appropriate response made or other action taken. Any errors confirmed in published content will be corrected as soon as possible.

By implementing these editorial guidelines, we aim to maintain consistency, quality, and credibility across our entertainment and lifestyle website, enhancing the user experience and building trust with our audience.