Sundar Pichai troll pakistani fan

The T20 World Cup 2022 match between India and Pakistan on Sunday drew almost 1 lakh spectators to a jammed MCG, and another 1.4 crores to the streaming app, demonstrating how the entire world was enthralled by how it played out.

Many people from all around the world are appreciating India’s innings as former skipper Virat Kohli’s remarkable 82-run effort propelled India to an exciting conclusion. However, for Indians who live in India and other countries across the world, this victory is all the more significant since it occurred at the same time when India was celebrating the Diwali festival.


India’s breathtaking victory over Pakistan on Sunday in T20 World Cup gave Indians another reason to celebrate the festival with full enthusiasm and give a recovery dose from India’s loss against Pakistan in the 2021 T20 World Cup and Asia Cup 2022 games.

The match is so epic that even Google CEO Sundar Pichai can’t stop himself from talking about it while giving Diwali wishes. His epic Diwali wish has gone viral on many social media platforms and has attracted lots of mixed reactions from both Pakistani and Indian fans.

India win over pak t20 wc
Riva Arora with here mother Nisha Arora. Mohanlal/Twitter

However, one of the Pakistani fans tries to troll him. Nevertheless, he shuts his mouth in the most satisfying way. So, let’s just find out what actually happened:

Sundar Pichai mentions India’s win against Pakistan while sending out Diwali wishes

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, is an enthusiastic cricket fan, as evidenced by his previous attendance at games and tweets.


While many of us were glued to the tense T20 World Cup match on Sunday between India and Pakistan, Google’s CEO went one step further.

Sundar Pichai watched the replay of the gripping India-Pakistan match to celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights. Specifically, when Pakistan lost the game in the final three overs of the match thanks to the wizardry of chase king Virat Kohli.

On Monday, while sending out Diwali wishes on Twitter, he wrote,

“Happy Diwali! Hope everyone celebrating has a great time with your friends and family. I celebrated by watching the last three overs again today, what a game and performance #Diwali #TeamIndia #T20WC2022.”

Like every other major athletic event, there was a lot of discussion about the India-Pakistan match on Twitter, with views and heated comments floating everywhere. Similarly, Sundar Pichai’s tweet has also gained a lot of attention, and many users are responding to it.

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Sundar Pichai dissed Pakistani fan with a mouth-shutting reply

While many Indian fans positively reacted to it, his tweet did not sit well with Pakistani fans, who swarmed the Google CEO’s Twitter timeline to poke fun at him. Amid all this, Sundar Pichai received a comment from a Pakistani fan requesting him to watch the first three overs. The fan wrote,

“you should watch 1st three overs”

However, Sundar Pichai responded with a magnificent retort. Replying to the fan, he wrote,


“Did that too:) what a spell from Bhuvi and Arshdeep”

Let me tell you that Pichai was referring to the opening three overs of the game when Pakistani captain Babar Azam and Mohammed Rizwan were sent back to the pavilion by a blazing spell from Arshdeep.

Predictably, the Pakistani fan afterward expressed confusion over Pichai’s quick-witted comment when he went on to clarify that he was referring to India’s batting innings.

However, when Indian users of social media reacted to his spectacular takedown of a Pakistani fan, Sundar’s clever reaction had Twitter in awe.



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