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Everyone knows that when the faceoff is between India and Pakistan the fans go crazy. The rivalry that is there between the India and Pakistan cricket matches is one of the most famous rivalries of all.

On Sunday, India faced a 5-wickets defeat against their arch nemesis in the Asia Cup Super 4. Since then the Indian cricketers have been receiving a lot of criticism and trolls on the internet. One of them was the revered Indian bowler Jasprit Bumrah. To all these trolling, Sanjana Ganesan, wife of Jasprit Bumrah, came up with a perfect message.


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Sanjana Ganesan’s recent post became another spot for internet trolls

Indian television presenter and wife of Jasprit Bumrah recently grabbed massive attention for her response to an internet troll. On Monday, Sanjana shared a throwback vacation picture of herself and Jasprit Bumrah. In the caption, she wrote,

“Just a lovely #throwback photo of Jasprit, me, and Jasprit’s sneakers (the real stars of this picture).”


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The moment she posted this picture trollers came in to do their thing.

A social media user commented on her post using very harsh language.

“Waha India ki m**-b**** pade hui hai or yeh gum rahe (the Indian team is in such a serious situation and look at these two vacationing)”

Sanjana Ganesan sassy reply
Sanjana Ganesan/Instagram

Sanjana Ganesan grabbed attention for her response to the denigrated comment.

Sanjana made a perfect reply to the denigrated comment that was taking a dig at Jasprit Bumrah. She responded by saying


“Throwback photo hai, dikhta nahi kya chomu aadmi (It is a throwback photo, can’t you see you fool.)”

Sanjana Ganesan reply to troll
Sanjana Ganesan/Instagram

Everyone is praising Sanjana for her witty yet perfect reply to the troll. Soon after she made an Instagram story sharing a new message which was made for the trolls that bowler Arshdeep Singh was receiving. She urged the people to never bring someone’s “religion, nationality, ethnicity, or identity” into the matter.

Sanjana Ganesan promises to take to make the internet a better place by taking down one fool at a time.

Sanjana Ganesan shut down the trolls by posting an important message on her social media handle. Her message read,


“While I do think it’s important to stand up to internet trolls and bullies, I do not agree with dragging someone’s religion, nationality, ethnicity, or identity into the matter and I sincerely urge you to consider doing the same.

Internet trolls aren’t the way they are because of their religion, ethnicity, or nationality, it’s just a lack of common sense.

I promise to keep trying to make the internet a better place, taking down one chomu aadmi (fool) at a time.


Sanjana X”

Sanjana Ganesan Story
Sanjana Ganesan/Instagram

The 23-year-old bowler Arshdeep Singh got his call-ups since Bumrah was ruled out of the Asia cup 2022 due to his injury. As per the reports, Bumrah has been recovering and soon will be back on the field.

If we talk about Sanjana and Jasprit, they got married last year in a private ceremony. Sanjana is into sports presenting and hosting meanwhile Jasprit is of course one of the stars of the men in blue.