Ranbir Kapoor body shame Alia Bhatt

Even before their marriage, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt were one of the most beloved and endearing couples in Bollywood. They have always set major relationship goals. When they unexpectedly revealed their first pregnancy soon after being married, they delightfully shocked their fans and other people.

Their adorable antics are hard to miss, even while they are on cloud nine since they are expecting their first child and are busy promoting their much-anticipated movie, Brahmastra. In the movie, they both work together.


While the fans are waiting impatiently for both the upcoming movie and good news, it also appears that Ranbir Kapoor’s quip about Alia Bhatt has left many people outraged. The actor is being trolled on social media once more, and this time it’s because he made a joke about his wife’s weight gain when she is expecting.

So, let’s find out what actually happened:


Ranbir Kapoor joked about Alia Bhatt’s weight gain due to her pregnancy

The actress Alia Bhatt, who revealed her pregnancy a few months ago, spent the last few weeks promoting her film Darlings before moving on to the next one, Brahmastra.

Let me tell you that the forthcoming movie Brahmastra, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, is scheduled for release on September 9, 2022. It is a Hindi-language fantasy-adventure film, directed by Ayan Mukherji. While the film’s trailer has officially been out for 2 months, its cast and other technical team have already kicked off its promotion.

ranbir body shaming alia during Brahmastra promotions

During a recent YouTube live, while the duo and director Ayan Mukerji were discussing the promotional efforts for the film Brahmastra, Ranbir mentioned how Alia’s figure has altered while she is pregnant, which totally surprised Alia.

When discussing the promotion, Alia remarked,


Hum log karenge, we will be everywhere, the question is why we are not phailod and marketing the film everywhere.

Indicating her baby bump, Ranbir then interrupted her and said,

I can see somebody has phailod

After being struck speechless for a few seconds, Alia stares down at her growing baby and then shockingly turns to approach Ranbir. He then tried to cover his statement by covering his mouth while chuckling and stroking her shoulder. He murmured,

Joke… in a cute way

Although no one took offense during the discussion, Ranbir’s remark was not well received by the internet community, who ruthlessly mocked the actor for body-shaming Alia.


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While many users called Ranveer’s joke very “insensitive,” many others dubbed him a “problematic male.”

Ranbir’s casually fat-shaming remark about his pregnant wife makes me think of a completely normalized and dangerous mentality that has to be exposed. Such accidental body-shaming statements simply serve to reinforce this regressive thinking in a profession where pregnant actresses are continuously scrutinized due to the physical changes in their bodies.

Subjecting women to such immature body shaming at a vulnerable moment when they are coping with bodily changes and beginning a new physical chapter in their lives only damages their mental health.

Take a look at how netizens reacted to his insensitive remark:



Recently, Ranbir came under fire for making a crude joke about Anushka Sharma’s mental health and suggesting that she needs medicine just to converse. His co-star referred to him as a pitiful person because of the remark. Earlier, his remark that Alia Bhatt was “dal chawaal” didn’t sit well with many.

So, it means that the backlash to Ranbir’s fat-shaming remark is not an exaggeration; rather, it serves as an essential reminder to society that joking about anyone’s appearance is not humorous and has to be stopped.


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