Hrithik Roshan Reacts to Kangana Ranaut's Slap Incident

Bollywood is well known for its vivid narratives, fascinating characters, and glamorous, star-studded settings. But underneath the glittering exterior is a landscape frequently tainted by bitter rivalries and public disputes. These disputes regularly make headlines, providing insight into celebrity life’s complexity.

The 2016 scandal involving actor Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut tells us a lot about actor’s personal lives

When Kangana called Hrithik a “silly ex,” Hrithik quickly refuted the accusation, claiming he had never had a love relationship with Kangana. This is when the argument began. In response, Kangana showed her emails and pictures that proved their close relationship. But Hrithik said that the emails were sent by a fraudster and brought a lawsuit against the unidentified person. This led to the two exchanging a number of legal notifications.


As allegations and counter-accusations flew in, the conflict became more heated and gained headlines. Hrithik maintained that Kangana was making this whole thing up, despite her claims that he had proposed to her. Both performers gave their accounts of the conflict in interviews and on social media, and the media carefully tracked the controversy. However, despite cyber and police investigations, the issue was not solved.

hrithik roshan kangana ranaut

Kangana publicly criticized Hrithik throughout the years, but he chose to keep a respectful silence. Following Aryan Khan’s arrest, Hrithik was among the first well-known celebrities to back him; Kangana swiftly denounced this action. Over the years, the public has been captivated by this continuing rivalry.

However, the matter recently took an unexpected turn when Kangana Ranaut was smacked at the Chandigarh airport by CISF official Kulwinder Kaur over her previous comments criticizing the Indian farmers’ protest. Public opinion has been split over this occurrence. While some people applaud the CISF official’s actions, others denounce them.

Surprisingly, in an unexpected turn of events, Kangana got support from a place she didn’t expect.


Yes! You guessed it right… Hritik Roshan supported her in a slapping incident.

kangana ranaut slapped

Hrithik Roshan took a stand for Kangana Ranaut in a slap incident

On Thursday at the Chandigarh airport, CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur slapped actor-politician Kangana Ranaut. The incident happened as Kangana was traveling to Delhi for a meeting, one day after she won in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. The attack on Kangana drew widespread condemnation from various public figures.

Several famous people reacted to the incident by commenting and liking the statement that Faye D’Souza shared on Instagram on Sunday. In her message, she said,


“With reference to the incident of MP Kangana Ranaut being slapped at an airport, violence can never be the answer. Especially not in our country that was born out of Gandhi’s ideals of non- violence. It doesn’t matter how much we disagree with views and statements made by someone, we cannot react with violence and we should not condone it. It is particularly dangerous when security personnel react violently while in uniform. Imagine, over the last ten years, if those of us who questioned power were assaulted at airports by constables who were in agreement with that power.”


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Celebrities such as Alia Bhatt, Soni Razdan, and Zoya Akhtar liked the post. Following the incident, Hrithik Roshan—Kangana’s alleged ex—also expressed his support by like the post, demonstrating his unity with the actress.

Hrithik Roshan on Kangana Ranaut Slap Incident

How have people reacted to this development?

Many were quite astonished by this response, considering Kangana’s past disparaging words on Hrithik. Nevertheless, many praised Hrithik for his class and integrity in standing up for what is right, despite their personal conflicts with Kangana.


How Kangana Ranaut has reacted to the whole incident?

Meanwhile, responding to the whole slapping incident, Kangana Ranaut shared a lengthy letter expressing her position. She addressed the incident’s wider ramifications and thanked those who were standing by the CISF troops. This message and the reactions it elicited highlight the profound differences and ongoing tensions within the Bollywood community about the use of force and the management of disputes.



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