Auto-Rickshaw 27 Passengers

With the emergence of various social media platforms, sharing anything with the masses within seconds become so easier and anyone was share anything at any time. This has led to the surge of various kinds of information and content on the platforms.

Users uploads many kinds of content, ranging from serious to hilarious. While things which went viral on platforms have something unique in their own way which left people blown away or perplexed. A recent viral clip is a prime example of this phenomenon.


The Netizens were surprised by a recent social media video that went viral. Additionally, the incident that occurred in the same has startled the Uttar Pradesh Police. An auto-rickshaw that was travelling too fast was halted by the authorities a few days prior. The police were surprised as soon as they began to count the passengers on board.

Auto-Rickshaw 27 Passengers video


 Not 1, 2, or 3, but a whopping 27 passengers were seated inside the auto

Yes, you heard it right!

The sped-up automobile was not only transporting males, but also ladies, elderly people, and little children. The fast-moving auto was seen close to the Bindki Kotwali neighbourhood in the Fatehpur district.

The police officers on duty stopped the autorickshaw and used a speed gun to check it, according to local media, in the Bindki Kotwali neighbourhood of Fatehpur. Police officers rushed after the speeding car. According to accounts, the police were shocked to see more than twenty individuals exiting it when they eventually requested the passengers to disembark.

The autorickshaw was taken into custody.


The reporter of Zee Hindustan, Tushar Gupta shared the whole video of this incident on his Twitter with a caption in Hindi which in English means,

“In Fatehpur, 27 people were riding in the same auto rickshaw, all were returning after offering Bakrid prayers, when the police stopped the auto and started counting, the police were surprised to see 27 people in the same auto.”

Soon after this video went public, it went viral and attracted lots of people’s attention. The clip has been re-produced by various prominent media handles which tell us that this video is legitimate and not dubious.

While many people chuckled upon seeing the video, many people on the other hand related this video to over-population. Many people also relate with their lives and how they struggled to get proper space in an auto-rickshaw in India.

Here’s how people reacted to this video on Twitter


A picture of an autorickshaw with a garden on its roof went popular on social media two months ago. The person who create this auto received a lots of acclaim on Twitter and other social media sites.