Anand Mahindra on Rishi Sunak

Many Indians from all around the world are currently jubilating at Rishi Sunak’s appointment as UK prime minister by trumpeting, dancing, and rejoicing.

The topic, however, is not his politics or beliefs. It’s because of his origin, which occasionally starts from India when our nation was colonised by Britishers, and the fact that he has now become the leader of those Britishers, that has swept away the internet.


Needless to say, the symbolic importance of Sunak’s leadership cannot be overstated. As the son of two immigrants and the first British prime minister of color, he also holds the distinction of being openly and proudly non-Christian. And the fact that he became 10 Downing Street’s youngest occupant in more than a century is also quite appealing to young people.

When he won, many of our political and other personalities congratulated him. Among them is industrialist Anand Mahindra, whose remark on Rishi Sunak has currently gone viral on various social media platforms.

rishi sunak

Anand Mahindra took to Twitter to promote Rishi Sunak’s abilities as a leader

The announcement of Rishi Sunak’s election as the new leader of the United Kingdom has made headlines in India, as many Indians take great pleasure in the fact that he was of Indian origin and took great pride in facilitating his culture.

However, industrialist Anand Mahindra, despite feeling the same, took to Twitter to praise Rishi Sunak’s real abilities. The Chairman of the Mahindra Group said that he is extremely smart, articulate, and focused. He also stated in a tweet that Sunak has terrible odds against him, but whether he succeeds or fails, it won’t be due to a shortage of raw materials.


Taking to Twitter, he wrote,

“The odds are stacked horrendously against him. But whether he succeeds or fails, it won’t be for the lack of ‘raw material.’ This young man is super-smart, super-articulate and super-focused…#RishiSunak”

Since the tweet was published, it has gotten more than 12,000 likes and numerous comments. It has also gone viral on various other social media platforms.

Earlier than this, Anand Mahindra responded to the news that Rishi Sunak would take over as the next prime minister of the United Kingdom. He wrote the following, quoting Winston Churchill:

“In 1947 on the cusp of Indian Independence, Winston Churchill supposedly said ‘…all Indian leaders will be of low calibre & men of straw.’ Today, during the 75th year of our Independence, we’re poised to see a man of Indian origin anointed as PM of the UK. Life is beautiful.”

This tweet has also gone viral on the platforms and has gotten a lot of reactions

By virtue of former British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak’s selection as the UK’s new Prime Minister, he will not only become the first British prime minister of Indian descent but also the first practising Hindu to hold the position.