When the Covid-19 tragedy struck us, one-liners like ‘we are in this together’ or ‘we are on the same boat’ started doing rounds and became a commonly used phrase by most of us. But deep inside our heart, we know that in this fight we are not ‘equals’ or in similar condition. Some are on the boat, some are on cruise while other are drowning into misery, poverty and even death.

Coronavirus has exposed the shabby and rickety healthcare system of India and has also revealed no matter how we preach equality, we cannot be equals. Throughout the crisis, some are getting privileges like food to eat, a roof and even money to stay afloat even after staying without work for months. But not everyone has the same privileges.

In this article, we have clubbed 7 such incidents that throw light on the jarring class divide in India and the moral corruption in the country.

1. Amitabh Bachchan gets admitted to tier I hospital for coronavirus symptoms while poor are dying waiting for a bed

Mumbai is grappling with Covid-19 pandemic with lack of beds and mismanagement among authorities. However, even amid this, Amitabh Bachchan and his entire family managed to get preferential treatment at a renowned hospital despite having only mild symptoms. Several common people have died due to lack of timely interventions by medical bodies.

amitabh bachchan coronavirus

2. 18% GST is levied on hand sanitizers while the rich are buying gold and diamond face masks

Something as essential as hand sanitizers are being taxed at 18% making them even more un-affordable for the country’s poor. Numbers are testimony to the fact India’s poor are among worst hit by this pandemic. On the other hand, India’s rich are buying Prada, Louis Vuitton or even Gold/Diamond face mask because, why not?

gold and diamond face masks india

3. 66-year-old waits for 30 hours to get admission in hospital while a TV star gets tested and admitted swiftly

Equality and morals fly right out of the window when Indian authorities are dealing with rich people. A middle-class 66-year-old woman was made to wait for 30 hours just for getting a bed at Covid hospital while a TV actress Mohena Kumari and her family get tested just like that and get admission into a renowned hospital.

Mohena Kumari coronavirus

4. A common man dies on the road while Reliance Entertainment CEO gets admitted easily

A Hyderabad man collapses on road and dies waiting for treatment after being tested positive for Covid-19. This is not an isolated incident. There are several deaths being happening around just because of lack of hospital beds. Meanwhile, India riches manage to get tested easily and get admission in a reputed hospital even more swiftly.

man dies in bihar road of coronavirus

5. 1-year-old dies in UP after being denied treatment, while Delhi Health Minister gets preferential treatment

Lack of government empathy towards the country’s poor is evident in incidents like these. Delhi’s Health Minister Satyendra Jain was admitted in a private hospital as soon as his Covid-19 symptoms got worse. On the other hand, a toddler passed away in the arms of his father right outside a hospital after he was denied admission.

Satyendra Jain coronavirus

6. Rich businessman books entire flight for family while migrants walk thousands of kilometres barefoot

The lockdown showed us the true faces of our society that is morally corrupt. A rich businessman spends exorbitant money on booking an entire flight for his family while thousands of migrant workers had to work hundreds of miles barefoot to reach home. Some even died on their way due to heat, thirst and hunger.

Migrant labours coronavirus

7. Migrants wait months to get home during lockdown, rich businessman books private jet for pet dog

Even a dog gets luckier than the thousands of those destitute migrant workers who are the ones responsible for building India. A rich industrialist goes out of the way to book an entire private jet for his pet dog while the plight of helpless migrant workers goes unnoticed. Talk about empathy then, anyone?

Migrants in lockdown waiting for bus

Unfair distribution of wealth and power.