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In a recent three-match series sweep and a befitting send-off for the legendary cricketer Jhulan Goswami, the Indian women’s team defeated England at Lord’s stunningly.

However, Deepti Sharma’s run-out of Charlie Dean at the non-striker end of the pitch became the focal point of the whole conversation around the game. While Indian fans had a great day on Twitter, English fans and commentators found the situation upsetting.


Deepti Sharma stepped on to bowl to Freya Davies at number eleven in the 44th over of England’s batting. Charlie Dean, who was at the non-striker’s end, made an early attempt to leave the crease and steal a few yards by straying outside the striker’s non-end. After noticing this, Deepti spun around to run her out in her delivery stride, giving India a 16-run and a 3-0 series victory.

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While the run-out from the non-end striker’s rule is legal according to the rules of the game, Deepti’s run-out of Charlie instantly drew boos from the audience at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Let me inform you that despite recent rule revisions by the International Cricket Council (ICC) regarding run-out at non-striker’s end, there is still a dispute in the cricketing community.

Moreover, following what Deepti Sharma did, a number of former and present cricket players shared their dissatisfaction on social media and criticised the dismissal for being against the spirit of the game.


However, one of the game’s veterans and biggest names, Sachin Tendulkar, has provided a resolute answer to those who are still questioning the dismissal’s “sportsmanship” component.

So, let’s just find out what Master Blaster has to say about Deepti Sharma’s mankading controversy:

Sachin Tendulkar backed Deepti Sharma’s mankading, saying that it is legitimate

Tendulkar stated in an interview with Sportstar that the dismissal is a legal regulation according to the ICC and that it is pointless to criticise someone’s “spirit of the game” when they are following the rules. He said,

“Spirit of cricket… whatever you are playing within the rules of the game, that is spirit of cricket.”

When asked if he would run out a hitter for backing up too far, Tendulkar responded that the batter deserved to be dismissed according to the ICC regulations. He added,

“It’s a rule now. If a player is short of the crease or doesn’t make the crease, then the batter is given out, right? Just like he misses a ball that’s heading toward stumps and in line of the stumps, he is given out lbw. So the ICC has introduced the rule that if you are out of the crease (before the ball is bowled), then you are run out.”

When questioned if the Deepti Sharma incident had gotten out of hand, Sachin Tendulkar supported the Indian spinner, saying,


“She was playing to what the laws of the game are.”

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Since the run-out controversy, Deepti Sharma has had a historic Women’s Asia Cup T20 tournament where she led India to victory as the team with the most wickets taken. With this total, she actually surpassed the previous mark for most wickets in a single tournament edition. But most of her critics didn’t talk about this!

Many find it puzzling that the Deepti Sharma incident is still talked about among cricket fans, analysts, and ex-players despite the fact that it was completely legal according to the rules.

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