The Kumbh Mela is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India, in a span of every 4 years. It is the largest gathering in the world for the purpose of peace and religion. On this occasion, a lot of sages come to the Prayagraj Kumbh Mela to take a bath in the holy water that has its story going back to the ancient time of the Samudramanthan, when a few drops of Amrit or the drink of immortality was dropped from the heaven on the Earth at Allahabad, Nashik, Haridwar, and Ujjain.

As we mentioned, a lot of sages come to visit this occasion; of course, there are many types of the sages at the Kumbh Mela.

1. Naga Babas

The Naga Babas command huge respect in the Hindu community. The procedure of converting into a Naga Baba from an ordinary individual is quite difficult. These sages remain naked in all kinds of weather and that is just one big step that they have taken to sacrifice themselves for religion. They have to go through a Tapasya for six long years, which is a process in which our mortal self-connects with an immortal soul, that is, the Almighty.

Naga Baba Kumbh
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2. Mauni Baba

The Mauni Baba from Amethi, Uttar Pradesh is a legend because he hasn’t uttered a word in the last 14 years. Because he has covered himself completely with Rudraksha, he is also called as Rudraksha Baba. The surprising fact is, all the Rudraksha that he has are gifted to him. And as if it was not enough, another fact about him is that he hasn’t eaten anything in the last 43 years yet is fit.

Mauni Baba Kumbh
Amar Ujala

3. Kabootar Baba

The Kabootar Baba or the Pigeon Sage is called so because he makes the pigeons on his shoulders eat grains all day. He is a sage from the Niranjani Panchayati.

Kabootar Baba
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4. Khade Baba

The Khade Shree Baba is from Ghaziabad and he is known to be standing for the last 4 years. The reason for his act is his pledge to remain standing until the controversial Ram Mandir isn’t constructed. His real name is known as Roopgiri Jee Maharaj.

Khadeswar Baba

5. Golden Baba

Sudhir Makkar alias Golden Baba does not surprise us with his name because one look at him and one can easily understand why he is named so. He wears over 20 kilograms of gold on his body all the time! Wearing that much of Gold during the Kumbh Mela is his personal signature. He got everyone shocked when he came out wearing so much gold.

Golden Baba Kumbh Mela
Dainik Bhaskar

6. Chashme Wale Baba

The Chashme Wala Baba is a big surprise because no one would have seen or heard of a sage like him. He wears sunglasses all the time. He is the Mahant Shaktigiri of Juna Akhada. Moreover, Chashme Wale Baba is seen wearing a garland which weighs over 70 kilograms. He also features a crown headpiece which is completely made up of Rudraksha. In the Hindu society, a sage is expected to wear saffron-colored clothes and remain busy with meditation, but the attire and the swag of this sage is just next level.

Chashme Wale Baba
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7. Daniel Baba

Daniel Baba is another surprise. He came to India 30 years ago for a tour from France, but he was so influenced by Hinduism that he chose to go towards Sanyaas. He says that his real name is Daniel Bhagwaan Giri and he is a sage from the Anand Akhada. He says that he is in love with his life as a sage and transforming into a sage is the best thing that he has done to himself.

Daniel Baba Kumbh mela

8. Sharbhang Giri Baba

The Baba is from Australia. He used to be a staunch follower of atheism. He did not believe in God at all. Sharbhang Giri Baba came to India in 1998 for a tour and became a part of Kumbh Mela. From a staunch atheist, he is now a well-known sage who lives in a kutir, which is a small hut. When asked about his name, he revealed that in Ramayana, a sage named Sharbhang existed whom Lord Rama had met. He furthermore revealed that when he had met Guru Dattatreya of Girnaar Mountains of Gujarat, he transformed into a sage from an atheist.

Sharbhang Giri Baba - Australia
National Times

9. Machan Wale Baba

The Machan Wale Baba sits on a makeshift hut all the time. A machan is Hindi for scaffolding. This baba, whose real name is Shree Mahant Ram Krishna Das Tyagi Ji Maharaj, has been doing penance since 1975. He has never stepped foot on the ground.

Machan wale baba

10. Chabhi Wale Baba

This baba roams the country with a Chabhi (key) in his hand, which he thinks will open the minds of the people. Chabhi Wale Baba has travelled from Lucknow to Kanyakumari spreading the message of peace and harmony.


Chabhi wale baba

11. Digital Baba

This baba is the most modern of all the babas in this list. He roams with a laptop, an iPhone and wears branded sports shoes. His real name is Swami Ramshankar and he is 30 years old. Originally from Gorakhpur in UP, he has travelled 13 states in the last four years.

Digital baba Kumbh
Amar Ujala

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