Unique Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is one of the most important parts of any celebration, especially Diwali. The age-old tradition of rangoli is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the home. Apart from Diwali, rangoli is also made in festivals like Onam, Pongal, Tihar, and other Hindu festivals in India. Creating a rangoli design requires talent and creativity. To make big and intrinsic rangoli designs, one needs patience and lots of colors. To welcome gods and goddesses and to decorate the house each year people hunt for unique rangoli designs that will make them stand out. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place.

Rangoli can be created on the floor using materials like colored sand, rice, dry flour, or flower petals. In this article, we will list some of the unique rangoli designs that you can try.


Here are unique rangoli designs to get you inspired and brighten up your home:

1. 3D rangoli design

3D rangoli art is one of the best rangoli designs that can be listed among the unique rangoli designs. This design will be perfect to display your creative skills. This 3D rangoli art is colorful and visually pleasing. All you need is patience and lots of colors.

simple unique rangoli designs

2. Mandala rangoli design

Mandala designs are simple unique rangoli designs that cover a large area and look vibrant. This mandala design has various patterns and shapes that are cumulatively used to create this masterpiece.


3. Lotus rangoli design

Flower rangoli designs are the ones that can be made on any occasion. Take a look at this elaborate and beautiful lotus rangoli design, the circle design underneath looks bright and beautiful.


unique rangoli designs

4. Women’s Day rangoli design

This is an illustration of unique attractive rangoli designs, this design in the image has a theme and looks very creative. This rangoli design is a perfect example of a Women’s Day rangoli design.

unique attractive rangoli designs

5. Simple unique rangoli designs

Paisley designs are very common in Diwali and other festivities in India. They add a traditional touch and look neat and pretty. The design in the middle for the placement of diya makes it unique.

simple unique rangoli designs

6. Portrait rangoli design

Portrait rangoli design is one of the best examples of unique rangoli designs. Take a look at this amazing portrait of the goddess, it is evident from the image that it is a stunning piece of art.

portrait rangoli design

7. Poster rangoli designs

Poster rangoli designs are a treat to the eyes, this Ganesh rangoli design is done as a poster with a dark background. The black background highlights the idol and the color blend with the rangoli looks incredible.

poster rangoli designs

8. Corner rangoli design

Corner rangoli designs are the best option if you have limited space and time. This little rangoli design is colorful and pretty. The segmented patterns look neat and flawless.

corner rangoli design

9. Wall rangoli design

This peacock rangoli design is very colorful and creative. The design is made along the wall which adds a unique touch. If you have limited space or have some restrictions in making a rangoli art in the middle of your space, then this will be an ideal approach.


wall rangoli design

10. Easy small rangoli designs

If you are a beginner who wants to try making rangoli and is looking for simple unique rangoli designs, then you should start with these small and easy rangoli designs.

easy small rangoli designs

11. Diya Rangoli design

Unique rangoli design for Diwali is incomplete without a diya. This pretty floral rangoli design with an elaborate diya with a flame is perfect for Diwali. This design is simple and colorful. The idea of a diya inside a diya looks unique and creative.

simple diya rangoli design

12. Flower rangoli design

Flower rangoli designs are very popular where colorful flowers and flower petals of various flowers are used to create a beautiful design.

flower rangoli design

13. Abstract rangoli design

This abstract rangoli art is so colorful and adds an illusion. This has been made considering the minute details. The whole design encircled within has numerous colors and is divided into segments.


abstract rangoli design

14. Unique attractive rangoli designs

This flower rangoli design looks stunning with its color gradient design with small circle motifs. The use of different shades of green, yellow, and blue colors makes it unique and lovely.

unique rangoli design for diwali

15. Unique rangoli designs for Janmashtami

This Krishna rangoli design comprises half the face of lord Krishna and a peacock feather separated by a flute. The unique touch is that it is adorned with embellishments that add to the beauty of this flawless art.

unique rangoli designs for janmashtami

16. Colorful rangoli design

This colorful rangoli design looks vibrant and eye-catching. This can be easily done on any happy occasion. The circle design is segmented into separate sections that has a unique pattern within. The colors of the design compliment each other and look lovely.

unique rangoli designs for diwali

17. 3D diya rangoli designs

This is another example of modern unique rangoli designs. The four diyas overlapping each other give a 3D effect that is unique and creative.


unique rangoli designs diwali

18. Mandala Diwali rangoli design

This mandala rangoli design is artistic and full of colors. It’s more like an abstract art that looks flawless. The intrinsic patterns and shades look appealing and modern. You can surely try this unique rangoli design, but make sure you have plenty of time in hand.

colorful rangoli art 2024

19. Pharma rangoli design

This one can be considered one of the modern unique rangoli designs. This design of rangoli art is based on pharmacy and pharmaceutical products. It is no doubt unique and creative.

pharmarangoli design

20. Unique attractive rangoli designs with tribal motifs

Take a look at this unique tribal motif god and goddess rangoli design, it’s stunning, isn’t it? This dasavatar rangoli design showcases the ten avatars of lord Vishnu.

tribal rangoli design

21. Rubic cube rangoli design

This is one of the best in our list of unique attractive rangoli designs. The design gives a 3D effect in the design. Each cube has a distinct color and pattern. This is definitely something that you should try.


unique rangoli designs 2024

We hope you liked our list of unique rangoli designs that are extremely creative and stand out. Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments.


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