India is a land of mystery, magic and majesticity. We have a history of colonial rule of two centuries with monarchy in place prior to date. This leaves many footprints behind that take us by awe. If one cares to read about this Asian country, they will be surprised that India is not only big in population but also in terms of diversity and cultural heritage.

However, there are some unknown facts about India that every Indian or anyone who loves India should know.

1. Hindi is not the national language of India

Shocked? Let’s break your bubble by telling that India has more than 20 official languages and Hindi is one of them.

Hindi is not the national language of India

2. India doesn’t have a national game

No. Hocked is not India’s national game contrary to popular belief. In fact, there is no national game at all.

hockey in not natioal game of India

3. There are places in India where a man marries a woman and moves to his mother-in-law’s house

Yes you heard it right. In many places in India, a man moves to his wife’s house. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Khasi in Meghalaya and matrilineal Muslims in Minicoy, Lakshadweep are few examples.

Khasi people marriage

4. Three cities of India are world’s fastest growing cities from 2006 and 2020

Indian cities including Ghaziabad, Surat and Faridabad are among world’s fastest growing cities.

Fastest growing cities and urban areas

5. Bear Grylls wanted to join Indian Army

Man Vs. Wild presenter Bear Grylls had a dream of joining the Indian Army after getting out of school.

Bear Grylls wanted to join The Indian Army

6. USB was developed by an Indian-American computer architect

USB, which is one of the most commonly used thing in today’s life was invented by an Indian-origin computer architect Ajay V. Bhatt.

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Ajay V. Bhatt designed USB

7. Doctor Strange aka Benedict Cumberbatch volunteered as an English teacher in Darjeeling

Yes. Doctor Strange actually lived in India for a year. He taught English in a Tibetan Monastery in Darjeeling.

Amazing facts about India-Doctor Strange

8. India is responsible for origin of Calculus and Trigonometry

As much as we hate these subjects, they have come out of India and then reached the world.

Calculus and Trigonometry India

9. Production Cost of one 1 Rupee coin is Rs. 1.11

Cost of Rs 2 coin is Rs 1.28 and Rs 5 coin is 3.69 and that of new Rs 10 metallic currency coins costs Rs 5.54.

Facts on Indian Coins

10. India is the largest troop contributor to the United National Peacekeeping Missions

You will be proud to know that India has provided the largest number of troopers for United Nations Peacekeeping Missions and save thousands of lives.


11. The Gathering of Kumbh Mela is visible from space

Look at the picture of Kumbh Mela clicked from outer space.

kumbh mela visible from space

12. World’s largest school is located in India

City Montessori School in Lucknow holds the Guinness Book of World Record for being the largest school in the world in terms of number of students.

Biggest School In the World - City Montessori India

13. Indian Railways has around 1.4 million employees

This number is more than the population of many popular cities in the world!

Indian Railway locopilots

14. India is the largest English-speaking population after the USA

In India, 11.38% of population knows English language. But due to high population, we have achieved this feat.

top 10 english speaking countries

15. India’s first rocket was carried on a bicycle in 1963 and the first satellite on a bullock cart

See it for yourself and then believe.

Ultimate facts about India

16. India’s space program is one of the Top 5 Space Programs in the World

Despite budget restraints, India has made it to the top 5 of space programs in the world.

India’s space program-ISRO
Prasar Bharati/Twitter

17. Haldiram’s is a true Indian success story

Haldiram’s Bhujiawala history us older than the independence of India. Starting from a small shop in Bikaner, Rajasthan, Halidram’s blossomed into a company with an annual turnover of more than that of McDonald’s and Domino’s combined.

Haldiram revenue more than mc D and dominos

18. Ben Kingsley’s birth name is Krishna Pandit Bhanji

The popular Hollywood actor is Indian by descent and his birth name is named after a Hindu God Lord Krishna.

Ben Kingsley Krishna Pandit Bhanji

19. The Pentium Chip was invented by an Indian inventor

Vinod Dham, who is known as the Father of the Pentium Chip is the mastermind behind the invention of Pentium Chip. They are the highly-acclaimed processor chips from Intel.

Vinod Dham Pentium Chip

20. India gave Buttons to the world

Yes. Buttons that keep our shirts and things together are given to the world by Indians.

buttons invented in india

21. Plastic Surgery was majorly invented in India

Sushruta, an ancient surgeon made significant contributions to the medical science in the field of plastic and cataract surgery back in 6th century! Can you believe it?

Sushruta Father of Plastic Surgery

22. Until 1986, India was the only official place for Diamonds

No wonder why Britain was so hell-bent in keeping their Colonial rule in India.

Diamond mining was invented in India

23. Dolphins are regarded as non-human persons in India

Dolphins are certainly cognitively-strong and interactive as compared to other animals. This is the reason why Government of India declared that they should be treated like humans. Holding them captive is illegal in India.

Dolphins- Lesser known facts about India

24. India is the largest producer of movies

Bollywood, Kollywood and other regional film industries together helm more movies than any countries in the world.

India is the largest producer of movies

25. You can get personalised postage stamps in India

You can easily get a personalised stamp with your picture on it from the government here.

personalised postage stamps in India

26. Highest cricket pitch in the world is situated in Chail, Himachal Pradesh

The magnificent cricket pitch is located at a height of 2,444 metres above the sea level.

Chail Cricket ground - highest cricket ground in the world
Indian News

27. Bengaluru has increased its office supply by six folds since 2006

Bengaluru becoming the IT hub of India, is having a lots of start-ups budding there.

unbelievable things about India

28. Samosa is not INDIAN. Period

No matter how much it hurts to know, but Samosa is not an Indian dish. It was originated in Central Asia.

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Samosa origin central Asia
Foodie Manmeet Kaur

29. Kites were not invented by Indians

Another jolt? Yes. The kites you fly on Makar Sakranti are not invented by Indians. They were invented by China.

Kites were not invented by China

30. The good ‘ol Rajma is also not Indian

Rajma came to India from Mexico and became a part of our cuisine. Didn’t we know it already in our hearts?

Rajma Chawal is from Mexico
Dilli ke bhukkad/Intagram

31. Freddie Mercury of Queen had Indian parents

Freddie Mercury’s parents were Parsis from Gujarat, India.

Freddie Mercury parents