sushil kumar kaun banega crorepati

KBC or Kaun Banega Crorepati is one of the longest-running trivia quiz shows. The show deals with a lot of cash transactions and monetary benefits to the participant who ultimately ends up winning. The questions asked by the host have mostly been based on aptitude and basic skill-set which most of us are already aware of.

But at times it is asked in such a difficult and twisted way that people end up losing just due to anticipation. There is a very little percentage of people who ended up winning the show and getting 5 crores as their prize.


Sushil Kumar was one of the winners who won Rs 5 Crore in the fourth season of Kaun Banega Crorepati

sushil kumar kbc winner

It was like a dream from Sushil Kumar who used to work for Rs. 6000 a month and went on to win Rs 5 Crore at Kaun Banega Crorepati.

When asked about his success and how did his life change after winning that huge amount, he replied in a way which most people weren’t expecting him to reply.


A few years back Sushil Kumar shared a post on Facebook. And that post had the details of his experience after winning that huge sum of money. He stated, that winning and receiving the fame of KBC made him go through, the “worst time” of his life.

He did mention the fact what affected his family life, personal health, and finances! He even opened up about going through a huge financial crunch.

After winning the show, not only did he gain money but also some unwanted and unseen fame. He was called in a lot of functions in Bihar for almost 15 days a month to be the special guest or appear there in order to increase the count of people since he had huge reality show fame from there. That put a lot of pressure on him to focus on his career and that turn out to be a barrier for him to continue his studies.


When it comes to the media it has always been a huge backlog to the people. The media kept on asking him as to how did he invest that huge sum of money, or did he even think of starting up a business since he got that much capital.


That pressurized Sushil and made him take impulsive investment decisions just so that he had something to answer the media. Which eventually didn’t go as he planned and he went through a huge financial drop, which made him lose most of his hard-earned money. Sushil said,

“2015-2016 was the most challenging time of my life. I didn’t know what to do. I was a local celebrity and would attend programmes for 10 or sometimes even 15 days a month somewhere or the other in Bihar. I was drifting away from studies. And because I was a local celebrity, I took the media very seriously in those days. Sometimes journalists would interview and write about me. Without any experience of how I should speak with them, I would tell them about the business so that I don’t come across as jobless. However, those businesses would collapse after a few days.”

sushil kumar kbc life

Sushil also opened up about his private life and the backdrops he faced due to KBC. He almost got divorced due to this.

“After KBC, I became a philanthropist, who was addicted to ‘secret donations’ and would attend about 50 thousand events in a month. Due to this, a lot of times, people cheated on me, which I got to know only later after the donations were made. Due to this, my relationship with my wife was slowly worsening. She would often said that I don’t know how to differentiate between the right and wrong people and that I wasn’t concerned about the future. We would often fight over this.”

Sushil Kumar wife KBC

Since the fame had gotten into his head and he was pushed to go to Mumbai in order to script soap operas and the film industry. He further revealed,

“Staying in all day and reading about things made me take an unbiased look at myself and I realized that I didn’t come to Mumbai to become a filmmaker but to run away from my own self. True happiness is in doing what your heart wants to do. You can never calm down your ego. It’s a thousand times better to be a good human than a famous one.”

Sushil Kumar Kaun Banega Crorepati

After going through all of this, facing all the problems and issues Sushil finally took a step back to this. He decided to back off and put his life back on track. He returned to his village and did his best and now he works as a teacher. He later revealed to the media that he is bankrupt.

“And now, how did I become bankrupt…? You will find the story a little ‘filmy’. While I was strolling one day, a journalist from an English newspaper called me. While everything was going fine, suddenly he asked me something which left me irritated, so I randomly told him that all my money was exhausted and I had two cows and was surviving by selling milk and earning some money off it. And after that, all of you must be aware of the impact of that news.”

Sushil Kumar bankrupt

Media fame and the primary attention is just for TRP and regular fiasco. What is shown on TV is not always true neither are those everlasting.