Rose Mehndi Design

Rose mehndi design is the most beautiful, elegant, and popular mehndi design. The rose mehndi design looks stunning when a bride flaunts it at her wedding. No bride or bridesmaid goes to the mandap without the attractive mehendi designs on her palms. The flower rose depicts the passion of love.

Rose mehndi design can be of different shapes and styles. It can be a modern rose mehndi design, Arabic rose mehndi design, easy rose mehndi design, simple rose mehndi design, and many more. The mehndi can be applied on the hands as well as the legs. Rose flower mehndi design is a beautiful and simple mehndi design that can be tried at home.


mehndi designs

With so many designs to choose from it gets difficult to screen out the best ones or the ones that will suit you best. Some mehndi designs can be created at home but there are a few designs that need the touch of professionals. The bridal rose mehndi design does need some skills or techniques to apply for the best results.

Here we have listed some of the easy rose mehndi designs for you to pick from:


1. Simple rose mehndi design

If you are looking for a simple mehndi design, check out this mehndi design back hand. This design is ideal for any occasion, whether it’s a casual get-together, a wedding, or a party.

rose flower mehndi design back hand

2. Rose mehndi design modern

3D art mehndi designs with rose flower patterns look very well crafted on hand. The shades and shadows create a unique design. You should definitely try out this one.

new rose mehndi design

3. Beautiful rose mehndi design back hand

You can try out this simple and neat back hand mehndi design if you don’t want a full hand design. The rose motifs on the fingers and near the wrist look beautiful.

rose wali mehndi design

4. Full hand mehndi design

Full hand mehndi designs look gorgeous. But it is a little difficult to apply on your own. You can take the help of a professional and apply it on your hands to get this full and neat look.


pakistani rose mehndi design

5. Mehndi design with rose detailing

The dark rose detailing in this modern rose mehndi design looks stunning. The rose motif on both palms runs diagonally at the center which gives this front hand mehndi design a nice touch.

beautiful rose mehndi design

6. Rose flower mehndi design

This rose mehndi design front hand looks elegant. The detailing is dense and all you have to do is add some patterns around the rose motifs in the center.

rose flower mehndi design
Nishat Ansari

7. Full hand bridal mehndi design

This fullhand easy rose mehndi design is neat and the detailing is worth appreciating. If you are not into too much detailing and want to go for a simple full hand henna design, you can try this one!

rose mehndi design bridal

8. Mesmerising Arabic rose mehndi design

This one is also a full hand mehndi design. This will serve as a perfect bridal mehndi as the design is gorgeous.


rose mehndi design photo

9. Simple rose mehndi

The rose patterns in the forearm look beautiful. This one is also a simple design that looks neat and eye-catching.

<span id="image-source1"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Soni's henna</a></span>
Soni’s henna

10. Rose mehndi design back hand

This back hand mehndi design just has a big rose covering the back hand. Who knew only a single rose would look so pretty as a mehndi design. You can try this simple mehndi design at home.

easy rose mehndi design

11. Back hand rose mehndi

We are in love with this backhand mehndi pattern. The cute little roses joining the criss-cross pattern looks like jewelry.


12. Rose finger mehndi

This henna design comprises of cute little roses all over the fingers. If you have been looking for a simple design to cover your beautiful fingers this beautiful design will be perfect.


finger rose mehndi design

13. Modern rose mehndi design

Look at this customized mehndi design, the rose motifs are present on the forearms and on the palms near the wrist. The flower patterns add beauty to the overall bridal henna design front hand.

beautiful bridal mehndi designs

14. A single rose design

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers. They look gorgeous even when they are half-bloomed. This rose motif at the wrist adds to the beauty of this back hand mehndi design.

easy mehndi designs

15. Rose pattern mehndi for legs

Bridal mehndi is often applied on the legs of the bride. The little and neat rose patterns all over the semi-circle look beautiful and grabs attention immediately. If you have been looking for bridal mehndi designs for legs, this rose pattern henna will be perfect for the wedding.

rose mehndi design for legs

16. Beautiful rose bands

The beautiful rose bands near the wrists look really pretty.


new rose mehndi design 2023

17. The rose pattern jewelry design

This beautiful backhand mehndi has rose detailing from the index finger to the wrist. You don’t need any jewelry if you have this stunning mehndi design on your wrist. You can flaunt it anywhere you want.

back hand rose mehndi

18. Bridal mehndi

This rose mehndi design back hand has a big rose near the wrist and is filled with little rose patterns throughout. This henna design will look stunning on a bride.


rose flower mehndi design simple

19. Cute mehndi design on arm

This mehndi design looks adorable, isn’t it? The cute elephant and the floral patterns look candid. The little roses also add to the beauty.


pakistani rose mehndi design arm

20. Big rose design

The big rose patterns on one of the hands in the picture below is eye-catching. The shade and the roses look pretty.

modern mehndi designs

21. Simple mehndi design at home

The single rose detailing with buds looks pretty. The rose at the center is in full bloom.

mehndi design rose

22. Dark Arabic rose mehndi design

The bold and dark art looks beautiful. The rose patterns in this design look so attractive that you cannot take your eyes off them.

arabic mehndi design

23. Full back hand mehndi

The cluster of roses in the middle looks elegant and beautiful. This bridal rose mehndi design will be perfect for any occasion.


bridal mehndi designs new

24. Simple rose flower mehndi design

This neat and simple design comprises of a large rose in full bloom covering the back of the palm totally. This henna flower design focuses on the flower of passion like no other.

mehndi design back hand

25. 3D art rose mehndi

This huge rose on the forearm has a 3D effect. The rose pattern is unique and mosaic-like. This tattoo mehndi design will look great if executed properly.

rose henna design

26. Stylish rose flower mehndi design

This design has several roses throughout the design. The trail of roses on the palm stretches towards the fingers. There are rose patterns on the palm, wrist and fingers.

rose mehndi finger design

27. Roses on the feet

This rose mehndi pattern on the legs looks great. The rose motif at the center of the ankle is the center of attention.


mehndi design easy and beautiful

28. Khafif rose mehndi design front hand

The rose motifs at the wrist and over the semi-circle joining the two hands are easy to spot. The design is bold and beautiful.

front hand rose mehndi design

29. Negative rose mehndi design front hand

This henna design comprises of negative space rose design. The dark rose motifs on the palms and the ring and little finger look beautiful. This bold mehndi design looks best when both the hands are joined together.

rose mehndi design easy

30. Bridal new mehndi design full hand

This full hand mehndi design has a lot of patterns. It comprises of line patterns, mesh patterns, geometric patterns, and many more. Among everything, the pattern that grabs attention is the rose flower pattern.

mehndi design front

31. Negative space henna design front hand

This negative space mehndi design highlights the rose motif at the center of the palm. This front hand mehndi design is simple yet looks gorgeous. You should try this one for sure.


rose mehndi design simple

Mehndi holds great significance in India. There are numerous occasions where you can apply mehndi and flaunt these amazing rose mehndi designs.