Simple Mehndi Designs ideas

Getting married but can’t think of any special mehndi design which is simple yet beautiful? We all know how the wedding day is one of the most awaited and celebrated days of our lives. And why not? It is the day of new beginnings and everyone wants to look their best for this special day. While most of the people think that apart from the auspicious mehndi ceremony, this day is also about wearing the best of outfits, most ladies do know the importance of having a meaningful mehndi on their hands, which otherwise stays underrated in other people’s opinion.

For those ladies who are looking for unique simple mehndi designs to add charm to their bridal look, we have the answers! We have compiled a list of all those bridal mehndi designs which are beautiful and true to their purpose of lending the perfect beauty and meaning to your wedding day. Read on to find what would suit you.


1. Minimal

For those brides who aren’t that fond of having henna spread on your hands but have to comply with the traditions, we start the list with you. The minimalist design has a substantial yet minimal design on your hand usually comprising of a small design in the middle of the palm and minimal work on the fingers.

minimal mehendi designs

2. When less is more

Another variant of the minimalistic and easy mehndi design, this one occupies more space on the palm than the minimal. It is still counted under lesser mehndi artwork, originating from one end and ending at the other end of the palm/wrist.

Simple Bridal Mehendi Designs

3. Floral minimal

This design is best suited for ladies who want lesser work but ample beauty. And what better than florals to do the job!

Floral Mehendi Designs

4. Mandala

Symbolizing the universe, mandala is considered an auspicious design by many. I case you do not wish to have mehendi spread all over your hands, get a beautiful manadala-centric design for this auspicious day.


Mandala Mehendi Designs

5. One-sided

Another one for those ladies who do not wish to have their whole hands covered in Mehendi, you can get a beautiful circular/floral/traditional design made on the sides of your palms for that unique look.

one sided mehndi design
Henna By Hira/Instagram

6. Ornamental

Yes, this design has mehendi spread over your wrists and fingers as if you are wearing bracelets and rings made from henna!

Ornamental mehendi design

7. Trailed palm

No matter what size a trail is, it looks elegant and sophisticated to the hilt! You can opt for a traditional or an unique Arabic mehndi design in a trailed-palm styled mehendi.

Trailed Palm mehndi design

8. Floral art

Let flowers do all the talking, with this sophisticated floral design cast like a web on your palm, wrist and back of the hand.

floral design mehendi
Divya Patel/Instagram

9. Queen and king

Symbolize your special day with a feeling of being a queen to your king with this design.

Queen and King mehndi design
Divya Patel/Instagram

10. Princess feel

If you are ‘girly’ at heart then this design might interest you. Get a princess made on one palm along with her Prince Charming on the other to make your fairy tale stand out!


Princess mehndi design
Divya Patel/Instagram

11. Traditional wedding design

Follow the traditions and get your hands covered in a beautiful mehendi design depicting the traditions of a wedding.

traditional mehndi designs
Divya Patel/Instagram

12. Sindoor design

This design highlights one of the most significant ceremonies during a wedding – applying sindoor.

Sindoor mehndi design
Punjab Kesari

13. Ceremonial

This is a design that depicts the various ceremonies that take place during a wedding such as Baraat, Palki, Sindoor and Phere.

Simple designs of mehendi

14. Paisleys

Paisleys add a tinge of royalty in a mehendi design and can be teamed up with any other pattern. In fact, paisleys and florals look beautiful together.


Paisleys designs mehendi
Amrita Heena

15. Jaalidaar/Chequered

This is one of the most popular designs for all kinds of mehendi, bridal or non-bridal. For a twist, add thick motifs in between and have the chequered parts made out of an interesting mix of both fine and bold lines.

Jaalidaar mehendi design

16. Arabic mehendi

Arabic design in mehendi is boldness personified as it is all about bold lines and neat spaces. It looks elegant and sophisticated along with adding oodles of beauty to whole bridal/non-bridal look!


17. Spaced-out design

In this design, a good amount of empty space is left between heavy designs giving it an elegant look.

Best Mehndi Designs

18. Jhumkas and jhumkis

Jhumkis are a traditional Indian design personified. Having jhumkis embossed on your hands lends it a beautiful ethnic twist and make the mehendi even more unique.


Beautiful Mehndi Designs - Jhumka

19. Peacocks

This is the first thing that the mehendi artists draw while applying mehendi and is a hugely popular subject of most mehendi designs. Lend is a twist and add hearts for the perfect occasion of two souls becoming one!

simple front hand mehendi designs- Peacock

20. Basic and soothing

This kind of a design is simple, with a perfect proportion of lines, designs and motifs that make it appear soothing to the eyes. The lines are in perfect tandem with the other designs made around them and it’s a beauty to look at!

simple mehendi design back hand
Divya Patel/Instagram

21. Complicated but oh so pretty

This design is a difficult task for the mehndi artist; however, it rocks the bride’s look! Heavily webbed and complicated design, it is sheer magnificence and one cannot resist appreciating the artist!

unique mehendi design

22. Love story

Continuing with the two souls, why not shed some light on how these souls met and worked their work to the wedding day?! You can have your love story depicted on your palms and let people take a guess of how the series unfolded!


mehendi design for bride
Divya Patel/Instagram

23. One for the mother

Well, now-a-days, mothers have their own special mehendi which not depicts that she is the mother of the beautiful bride but also her journey throughout the bride’s childhood till her coming of age.

Mother of the bride mehndi
Divya Patel/Instagram

24. All-in-one

In this type of a design, the mehendi spread covers all kinds of designs such as paisleys, florals, traditional, Arabic, jaalidar work and symmetric patterns.

simple mehendi designs
Divya Patel/Instagram

25. Wedding thing-blings

Get all that is synonymous with a wedding decorated on your hand. Things such as palki, dholki, mandap, the auspicious knot and so much more are perfect for a bridal mehendi.

Full mehendi design
VOWS & TALES/Instagram

We hope that at least a few of these simple yet exclusive designs must have struck the right chords, as they depict the feelings and choices of the bride when it comes to her special day. Although I must add that apart from some specific bridal themes, rest of the designs can be easily chosen for non-bridals as well. So, ladies, have you shortlisted yours?


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