Harshad Mehta in 1992 engaged in a stock manipulation scheme. He fraudulently drew out money from the bank financed by worthless bank receipts and manipulate the Bombay Stock Exchange out of crores of rupees. he took advantage of the loopholes in the Indian banking system that enabled Harshad to carry out the biggest Indian security scandal for years. He was caught and convicted in 1998 and later died due to heart attack in 2001.

Harshad Mehta’s Wife Jyoti Mehta

Who Is Harshad Mehta’s wife?

Jyoti and Harshad got tied a knot at a young age, so it’s not surprise that she was standing by his side when he began his job in sales and turned out to be a stockbroker after working in different types of strange jobs in varieties of sectors for quite a number of years. She was just a homemaker at the time, but after the CBI arrested her husband in the year 1992 for mishandling money, she took up the responsibility to supply necessities for her family.

Since Jyoti had a son she decided to step up. Sadly, though, her personal life did not improve, as, after nine years, Harshad died due to a sudden attack while he was under criminal custody in Thane prison. It is said that Jyoti eventually moved in together with her in-laws, that is Harshad’s parents, Shantilal Mehta and Rasilaben Mehta.

Harshad Mehta wife Jyoti Mehta

Where Is Harshad Mehta’s Wife Jyoti Mehta now?

After Harshad died due to heart attack in 2001, Jyoti got trapped in a number of legal battles to recover money that her husband had the rights to. Consistent with reports, after about 27 years of court proceedings, the tax Appellate Tribunal removed almost the entire tax demand that was on Harshad, his wife, Jyoti, and his brother, named Ashwin Mehta, of ₹2000 crore. After Harshad, two of them were left to pay it, but they were finally freed from the tax cloud after about 27 years of legal battles.

Harshad Mehta’s Wife Jyoti Mehta

In the year 2019, Jyoti won a legal battle against Federal Bank and stockbroker named Kishore Janani, who, together, owed about six crore rupees to Harshad since the year 1992. And as Jyoti is his sole beneficiary, she is authorised to receive the entire amount with 18% interest. Few reports have claimed that Jyoti and her son, Atur Mehta, have left their lives in Mumbai, India, behind and are today living in America, trusting to start a fresh life and obtain far away from all the media scrutiny and allegations.

ashwin mehta brother of harshad mehta- Scam 1992