SonyLIV web series Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story has recently received another feat. The Hansal Mehta directorial web series has found it’s place in IMDb’s list of the most popular television serials and web series of all time across the world. And it has also become the highest-rated Indian show among the top 250 TV shows globally. The show narrated the story of the stockbroker Harshad Mehta who was behind the Rs 5,000-crore 1992 securities scandal.

Scam 1992 not only shows how Harshad Mehta took the advantage of loopholes in the system to completely control the stock market. But also all the complexities involved and how he was exposed by journalist Sucheta Dalal. Harshad Mehta family also plays an important part in the Hansal Mehta series. Harshad’s brother Ashwin Mehta also plays an important role by supporting his brother in almost everything he did. One character which we did not see in the web-series was Harshad Mehta son, Atur Mehta. So here in this article we will do a sneak peek in the life of Atur Mehta.

Harshad Mehta Family
Harshad Mehta. indiatoday

Harshad Mehta son Atur Mehta

Atur Harshad Mehta, was the only child to Harshad Mehta and Jyoti Mehta. Atur prefers to stay away from general public eye and there is very little information available about him. According to a 2018 report of Business Standard, Atur Mehta bought significant amount of stake in a BSE-listed textile company, Fair Deal Filaments. So we can say that like his father Atur is also an investor and likes to invest in stocks.

According to few sources, Atur runs a business in Mumbai while few says that Atur with his mother Jyoti Mehta moved to United States, to start a fresh life and stay away from limelight. There is not any concrete information about them.

Harshad Mehta wife Jyoti Mehta
Atur Mehta mother Jyoti Mehta. dailyblogday

People getting confused with a Twitter user to be Harshad Mehta’s son

A Twitter user whose name is also Atur Mehta has been confused to be Harshad Mehta’s son. The user in his bio writes, “CTO & Co-Founder – Square Off”. After receiving several messages and comments he clarified that he has no link with Harshad Mehta family.

Atur Mehta only photo

Till now there has not been any picture of Harshad Mehta’s son Atur Mehta available on internet. The only photo available was captured at the funeral of his father Harshad Mehta, back in 2001. Atur face is also not visible in the photos as he had not faced the camera.

Harshad Mehta's Son Atur Mehta
Harshad Mehta’s son, Atur Mehta breaks down at funeral of his father. rediff