Lady Passenger Abuses Uber Driver

In India, the rise of taxi services signifies a dramatic change in urban mobility. The emergence and quick expansion of ride-hailing apps like Ola and Uber has greatly increased the demand for taxi services. Prior to app-based services, autorickshaws and traditional taxis were a major part of urban transportation. However, these cab companies grew quickly, providing a variety of services, including 5- and 8-seater cabs, as well as the ability to book bike taxis and autorickshaws.

Although they are useful and revolutionizing urban transportation, taxi services have a number of drawbacks that affect both drivers and passengers. Safety issues continue to be of greatest concern, as reports of harassment and attacks cause worry. Despite measures like GPS tracking and SOS buttons, we have often heard someone getting harassed in the cab.


Although passengers are usually the ones who suffer the most, drivers can sometimes fall victim to incidents. A similar kind of incident recently went viral on social media in which a female passenger and an Uber cab driver, whose car broke down mid-way, were involved in a heated exchange. In the video, the woman got virtually blasted at the driver and even verbally abused him multiple times.

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A woman verbally abused an Uber driver after his taxi broke down midway

In the opening moments of the video, the woman is seen expressing her anger at the driver and threatening to sue him. She keeps disparaging his cab, calling it “inadequate” (‘Ghatiya, do kodi ki gadi’), even after he begs her to understand. The driver defends himself by saying that he needs the work to support himself every day, but the woman laughs at his status and ignores his requests.

Persistently, she demanded a refund for the deducted fare of Rs. 150, ignoring the driver’s explanation that refunds are handled by Uber. She even goes so far as to call him a “fraud.” When the driver threatens to report her behavior to Uber, the woman’s ego remains unchecked. By threatening physical harm and public humiliation, she intensified the situation. She shouted at him, saying,

“Chappal marungi sidha muh pe.”

Lady Passenger Hurls Abuses At Uber Driver


Have a look at the video

People criticized woman’s behavior and ask for some basic human decency

As soon as the video got posted on social media, it went viral and gained thousands of reactions. Viewers’ responses to the video have been mixed, with some calling for the woman’s behavior to be condemned and others highlighting the need for basic human decency.


How did Uber react to the whole incident?

In response to the viral video, Uber officials also released their official statement. Speaking to News18 India, an Uber spokesperson said,

“We believe respect is a two way street and there is no place for threatening, discriminatory and inappropriate behaviour on the Uber platform. Any proven discriminatory behaviour may lead to penalties including removal of user’s access from the Uber app and we will be guided by our community guidelines in all such cases, including this one.”

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