Weird sex practices from around the world

In the past, people have been getting bizarre in the bedroom and things have gone much dirty and disgusting. No matter it was because of any lifestyle, customs or tradition, following the culture was only the thing they could do whether they liked it or not. From sleeping with a girl of six years to sharing a common wife for brothers in a family, here are a few weird and crazy rituals around the world that will make you say WTF.

1. In Indonesia people can have sex outside marriage during Pon celebration

According to a myth in Indonesia people believe that the the couples have to spend the night with someone except than their husband or wife and must have sexual intercourse between them. It is also said that if they get intimate with the same partners for all the seven celebrations they did earlier, it would bring them good luck and wishes.

Bizzare sex rules across world

2. Public masturbation ceremonies in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was obsessed with jerking off! It was believed by the people that the ebb and flow of the Nile was originated by their god of creation’s ejaculation. Therefore, the men of Egypt would spiritually masturbate into the Nile to assure an ample amount of water for their crops.

Public masturbation ceremonies in Ancient Egypt

3. Boys and girls of Sambian tribe are supposed to drink semen

The Sambian Tribe of New Guinea have a oral history of dissociating their boys from the girls at very early stage from 7 to 10 years. The children of the tribe had to go through extreme conditions which included piercings, bleeding of nose and drinking semen of the tribes mightiest warriors sessions.

Sambia Tribe drink semen

4. In mangaia, old women sleep with young boys

An island in the South Pacific Ocean known as Mangaia,is famous because of it’s strange sexual tradition. The young boy children of 13 years are supposed to have sex with women older to their age and they teach them the tricks to please their partners.

Strange sex rules

5. Men took young boys as lovers in Ancient Greece

For the men of Greece, sexual pleasure didn’t depended on gender and preference. The men got attracted towards young boys and preferred them for getting intimate.

Men took young boys as lovers in Ancient Greece

6. Some Nepali tribes in the Himalayas where brothers share a wife

We all must heard about a man having more than one wives But ever thought of having more than one husband for a wife. Not really! But this is actually a reality of a tribe residing in the Himalayas region. Brothers in a family share a common women for their complete married life. Polyandry is not only practiced in this region but is also accepted as a part of tradition and culture.

One Wife for several husbands in Himalayas

7. Girls of Trobriander Tribe gets into sexual acts from age of six

In the Trobriander Tribe from Papua, New Guinea is justified and legal to have a sexual intercourse with a girl of age six. It’s completely disgusting and disturbing to come over through the fact that a girl whose age is to play with the toys is being someone ‘s toy of pleasure. Must say RIP humanity! Whereas even the boys get into sexual activity from the age 10-12. Is it actually justified?

Unusual Sexual Practices

8. Women feed armpit-flavoured apples to their partner in Rural Austria

In rural Austria, young ladies perform a traditional dance with slices of apple stuffed in their armpits. After dancing women go to their their man of her interest and offers them a slice which is then eaten by the man. It indicates that the man would always love having sexual pleasure no matter from which body part it is.

Unusual Sexual Practices

9. Love huts by Kreung Tribe in Cambodia where teenaged girls can sleep with different men till they find the one

In Cambodia, a tribe called Kreung tribe is famous all around the globe for having love huts. These are build by the elders of the family for their teenage daughters. Several men would come and get intimate with the young girls until she finds her soul mate for the entire life.

Kreung Tribe love hut

10. In Haiti sex is a part of religious rite

In Haiti getting physical is a part of religious beliefs. People believe that having sex makes the goddess of love happy and showers their married life with peace and love. Apart form this, strange black magic practices are too performed as a spiritual belief. All men and women takes naked bath together under the waterfall which also includes sexual dance.

Haiti Saut d'Eau festival

11. Children can see their parents having sex in Marquesas Island

Sleeping with parents is something we all love to do. But ever thought of seeing them making out in front of you? Well, the case becomes awkward when the children are normally supposed to watch their own parents having sex. Too bold must say!

Marquesas Islands young girls - Bizzare Sex practices around the world

12. Young people of the Muria Tribe, Chhattisgarh, can have multiple sex encounters without emotional attachment

In Central India’s Chhattisgarh region Ghotul is practiced in which young men and women encounter and spend great time together by singing, dancing, and having sex. At night they engage with sexual intercourse and in order to avoid pregnancy girls drink a natural liquor as a herbal contraceptive.

Muria tribe chattisgarh unusual sex custom

13. In Inis Beag, near Ireland, people make love with underpants on

Getting naked during intercourse is not a new thing. But ever heard of making out wearing underwear? Not really! The people of an island off the coast of Ireland, wear their underwear during sex because they are so sexually repressed.

Weird sex practices from around the world

14. Wife-stealing festival in Wodaabe Tribe

In the Wodaabe Tribe of Niger in West Africa, men try to win over wives of other men. This happens during the yearly Gerewol Festival, when men of Wodaabe tribe try to impress women. If a woman gets impressed and agrees to live with the man she can marry him and stays for one year until the festival comes. Their relationship is considered legal. And if a married woman gets impressed with another man, she is free to go with him and her husband cannot stop her.

wife-stealing festival in Wodaabe Tribe

15. Pay for a temporary marriage in Iran

While Muslim practices some of the strict laws regarding sexual intercourse and relationships between men and women. However, In Iran, a young couple can request a “temporary marriage”. They can pay for a short ceremony which includes a written contract that states the time for which they will be married. Once done they can live like husband wife and can judge each other.

Pay for a temporary marriage in Iran

Disclaimer: The above article has been written with the material available on the internet. The author have no intention to manipulate the facts or to offend any community, culture or gender.

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