Taking public transport like metro, buses or subways certainly isn’t the most fun place to be. Whether you take the subway on your way to work or just once in a while, you are surely going to encounter some strange people once in a while. You might want to think about walking instead of taking public transportation once you’ve seen this weird bunch of people and the result can be an entertaining mix of intrigue and embarrassment.

From sleeping to taking selfies check out the weirdest things people spotted on the subway!

1. Selfie with the sleeping beauty

Strangest People Caught On Subway

2. Quite ironical

Strangest People Caught On Subway2

3. What the hell is she trying to do? Pole dance?

people caught doing unusual things on public transportation

4. Well, I have a lot of company so seats reserved!

Strangest People Caught On Subway3

5. Spiderman on the subway

People Caught On Subway4

6. Why not utilize your time and take a nap?

Funny Subway pics

7. Bon Appetite!

Eating in subway

8. Completely dedicated towards his work

work inside subway

9. And sleep like no one’s business

Sleep in subway