Hook-Up Culture

I’m sure you’ve heard of the apps named, Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc. People mostly create accounts there when they want to hook up, go for casual dates, or just to meet new people.

People hook up mainly because they do not have time for long-term commitments. Or because they want to move on from something or someone from their past. Hooking up, diverts the mind and speeds up the process of moving on.


Hookup culture is basically a type of dating method, where two people meet or go out on a date. If they play their cards right, it leads to both of them having a great night together. It doesn’t include any commitments, promises, expectations, anything. The two people might not even see each other ever again. See? Ain’t it fun?

tinder hookup storey

But the main question is

Are we becoming cold, emotionless, and heartless due to hookups, have we lost the ability to love, or are we just scared of losing ourselves in the process of loving someone else?

I remember hanging out with my best friend and her boyfriend, it’s like a normal thing for us now. Me, my best friend and her boyfriend, the best fact is he has also accepted his fate and now we both team up against my best friend and make fun of her, together. Sometimes she tries to set me up with boys of my “type” just so that I don’t feel single, or I get “my person” honestly, it’s not that simple.

We, as human beings, all want to return to the one we love at the end of the day, we want to call that one human in our life as, “my person”, but everything is not as easy as it sounds.

Here are some of the reasons where hookup have been rated whether they are an absolute hit or a miss:


Does not require commitment

Hookups do not require commitments, it does not require any promises, no expectations either. It’s just something you’d do for your own satisfaction. Whereas relationships require commitments, time, promises, and whatnot. A person who might not be ready for a relationship, or a person who doesn’t like the concept of a relationship, would obviously choose to hook up since it’s a much better option. In this case, hookups are a hit.

commitment in relationship

Emotional unavailability

Not everyone we see around us is emotionally available. People are undergoing their own battle and healing process. Not everyone can heal from a past trauma as fast as someone else can. Meanwhile, if an emotionally unavailable person is talking to a person ready to date, it might be a bad thing. Especially for the person who is up to date, since it raises their expectations from the other person to the point that they’d end up breaking their own heart. Thus, hookups are a hit again.

Emotional unavailability

Long-distance relationship

Most of the time, people back off from a relationship just because it turns into a long-distance relationship. This might not be for everyone, but relationships do mean physical touch. People tend to get deprived of it when the relationship turns into a long distant one. Not touching the one you love, could be really unsettling to one’s mind. Thus, I don’t think I have to repeat myself but, hookups are a hit, yet again, yes.

Long-distance relationship

Home is not a place or four walls, it’s the person you love

Unfortunately, hookups won’t lead you to your home, but relationships would. Here hookups might be a miss, but some couples are happily married to each other, though the day they first met, was for a mere hookup. A hit or miss, now?

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Hookups are only momentary satisfaction

Hookups never come up with responsibilities, it only comes with momentary satisfaction to someone’s life. But relationships tag a lot of responsibilities and drama to one’s life. It brings along family issues, professional life issues, and whatnot. Thus, if someone is not ready for all the responsibilities as of yet, hookups are actually their best friend and a very big hit.

Hookups are only momentary satisfaction

Here’s the thing, hookups are not for everyone, some people still prefer an old-school love, flowers, hearts, chocolates, they’re hopelessly romantic. There’s no point in shaming someone for that either. Just like the way, there’s no reason for someone to be shamed for liking hookup culture.


Hookups or relationships, the few things one should focus on are having fun, being safe, and the most important thing, consent. The rest is up to you, have fun, It is your life, after all, YOLO.