India is one of the nations across the globe where cricket is trailed by the fans strictly. The honourable men’s down holds the greatest fanbase in the country. Interestingly, individuals like the Indian players as well as the abroad players too. Indeed, the abroad cricketers additionally prefer to go to India as they get loads of affection any place they go, more than they get in their own country.

Since the Indian Premier League came into the presence, it has given a significant lift to a solid connection between the abroad players and the Indian fans. This makes an enthusiastic association with the custom and culture of the country.

Here is the list of some crickets who showed love and affection towards India:

1. Matthew Hayden

This former Australian cricketer is also part of the Chennai Super Kings shows his eternal love for India in many forms. He is known for his aggressive left-handed batting in the field of cricket. He got so much love from the Indian fans for his selection into Chennai super kings.

Matthew Hayden in Dhoti

Many Indians also got his glimpse in native and traditional costumes. Currently, he does commentary on various international cricket formats after playing the role of a batsman in the cricket field for 15 years. The cricketer once said,

“Chennai gave me the chance to develop as a player”

Matthew Hayden Holi
Matthew Hayden/Instagram

2. Jonty Rhodes

This South African cricketer has shown his immense love towards India way before any foreign cricketer. This gentleman has also named his precious daughter INDIA flaunting his respect and love towards our country, its culture, and tradition. He has conducted a franchise for IPL. He also loves to spend his vacancy in India and showing us how much he loves our motherland.

Jonty Rhodes Rishikesh
Jonty Rhodes/Instagram

This legendary cricketer won many trophies by serving as a fielder in his history of cricket. He is considered the world-class fielder of all time. In an interview, Jonty once said that the most awesome aspect about India is as far as he might be concerned, as an untouchable he always gets astonished by the delicacies and lingos of India.

jonty rhodes daughter India

3. Dwayne Bravo

This cool-minded and fun-loving personality was formerly the captain of West Indies. Bravo doesn’t leave any chance to show his colossal love towards India. He does have a great fan following in India. He has 3.9 Million followers on his Social networking site Instagram.

Bravo has also collaborated with an Indian singer. He has recorded one song with him attracting more and more Indian fans. In an interview, this Trinidadian player has once mentioned how much the Indian population and his fans love him. He had said that Indian people adore him much more than that of his native people.

Dwayne Bravo love for India
Dwayne Bravo/Instagram

In the past West Indies cricketer, Dwayne Bravo joined his hands in Bollywood with his song “Champion”. He was such a hit the Bollywood asked him to record another song. Bravo uncovered that he sees a ton of chance and degree for music specialists in both India and West Indies. It is an opportunity that drives him to accomplish all the more such melodic coordinated efforts with Indian artists later on.

Dwayne Bravo India

4. Brett Lee

Australian pacer Brett Lee retired from international cricket in July 2012 has mentioned his love for India in different interviews. In an interview, he said that India had been a unique spot for him as he had been coming for over 13 years. He added that he felt a certified bond and an interface with India as he adored the way of life, the tone, the confusion, and a large portion of every one of, the individuals. Lee commended the glow and liberality of individuals in India by saying that they had encouraged him and taken care of him like a child.

Overseas cricketers love towards India- Brett Lee
Brett Lee/Instagram

In older days in an interview with the Indian national media, Brett said he prepared particularly hard, put in all the endeavours he needed before a match, and the cricket match worked out in a righteous for him and Australia, he compensated himself several quarts of Beer and Butter Chicken, proclaiming his adoration for India and its food. Lee’s affection for Indian cooking is likewise obvious from an Indian eatery he possesses, ‘Combinations CafĂ© and Book Shop’ in Sydney.

Lee runs a charitable trust in India established in 2007. This establishment encourages the contribution of hindered individuals in music. It additionally centres around guaranteeing that music is broadly acknowledged as a solid of mending, enabling, and supporting minimized offspring of India.

Brett Lee in Bollywood movie

5. Chris Gayle

Jamaican-born Christopher Henry Gayle is the most popular West Indies cricket player in India because of his coolness. He became more popular after getting selected in Royal Challengers Bangalore. He got many Indian commercials for Royal stag and many others which made him the most wanted player in India. Chris Gayle is cherished around the planet yet he imparts an uncommon association with India. The West Indies batsmen have been vocal about his affection for India and the Indian fans.

Chris Gayle in kurta

“The ‘Universe Boss” who is in India as of late posted an image on Instagram with an inscription that thankfully in appreciation for the country. In the image posted on Instagram, Gayle can be seen sitting on a Mumbai police bicycle with the authorities around him grinning. Chris Gayle has been a success in IPL since he made his introduction for the Kolkata Knight Riders. He played for the Knight Riders for the initial three seasons after which he was gotten by the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Gayle scored a century when he showed up at RCB. That thump by Gayle was the second quickest century of IPL around then.

Chris Gayle in india
Chris Gayle/Instagram

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