Indian Gods Illustration

India a country which is very rich with it’s diverse culture and religion. Anirudh Sainath Molee, an Indian artist who loves to illustrate characters from Mahabaratha, Ramayana, Vedas and Upanishads. The self-taught digital artist has been giving some of the coolest makeover to Indian Gods.

Some of his paintings are well received while few haven been into controversies too. During an exhibition in Bengaluru, three of his paintings were asked to be removed, since the depiction of Hindu Gods were not accepted by some.


Below are some of the digital arts by Anirudh Sainath that will surely fascinate anyone:

1. Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha Illustration


2. Lord Narsimha

Lord Narsimha Illustration

3. Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma Illustration

4. Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu Illustration

5. Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva Illustration


6. Nandi

Nandi Illustration

7. Yudhishtir

Yudhishtir Illustration

8. Bheema

Bheema Illustration

9. Arjuna

Arjuna Illustration


10. Sahadev

Sahadev Illustration

11. Shakuni

Shakuni Illustration

12. Ashwatthama

Ashwatthama Illustration

13. Ghatotkach

Ghatotkach Illustration


14. Kesava

Kesava Illustration

15. Balarama

Balarama Illustration

16. Bhishma Pitamah

Bhishma Pitamah Illustration

17. Guru Dronacharya

Guru Dronacharya Illustration


18. Goddess Durga

Goddess Durga Illustration

19. Hari Hara

Gods Illustration

20. Kumbhakarna

Kumbhakarna Illustration

21. Ravana

Ravana Illustration


22. Lord Rama

Lord Rama Illustration

23. Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman Illustration

24.Lord Surya

Surya Illustration

25. Lord Indra

Lord Indra Illustration


26. Lord Agni

Lord Agni Illustration


27. Varuna- God of Cosmic Order

Varuna – God of Cosmic Order Illustration

28. Vayu- God of Wind

Vayu – God of Wind Illustration

29. Yama

Yama Illustration


30. Rudra Avatar of Lord Shiva

Rudra – Avatar of Lord Shiva Illustration

31. Lord Parshuram

Parshuram Illustration

32. Kalki

Kalki Illustration

33. Lord Krishna as Parthasarathy

Lord Krishna as Parthasarathy Illustration


34. Lord Narasimha

Lord Narasimha Illustration

35. Kunti and Pandavas

Kunti and Pandavas Illustration

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