Having a best friend is all about love, support and companionship. And you know that there is someone who will be by your side when needed. There is a point in friendship when you do everything together, which means you are very comfortable with each other. You do cute things with your besties and share it over social media, but sometimes few things you do turns creepy which you keep as a secret. People have confessed such secret things they have done with their friends on Whisper.

Here are 16 gross things that best friends do with and for each other:

1. Send each other nudes for approval before we send it to guys.

2. Snapchat pictures of ourselves in bras and try to push up our b00bs as much as we can to try compare who’s t*ts are better. Pretty sure I won though.

3. He asked for my gum that was in my mouth. I thought he was joking. He took it and started chewing it. He now takes my gum almost everyday. LOL

4. She’s 8 months prego and can’t exactly see below the belt. So I shaved her vag and boottyhole for Valentine’s date night with her hubby.

5. She farts in my face while I’m sleeping just to see how fast I’ll get up.

6. She’ll act like she’s going to whisper in my ear, then she belches. It’s nasty.

7. We dig each other wedgies.

8. We lick our hands and put it in each others faces.

9. Bump/touch b00bs and use our own made up scale to compare bu**s.

10. My best friend and I just smoke then when we’re sober we talk about the funny stuff we did while we were high.

11. We rate each other’s farts on a scale of 1-10.

12. We share pics of our leg hair when it gets too long.

13. We pick each other’s noses when we have boogers hanging.

14. She started her period on her wedding day. I cleaned the blood off her dress. At the reception, I had to hold her dress up while she changed her tampon. That’s love.

15. I wiped my best friends b*tt after she pooped because she had just gotten her nails done and they weren’t dry yet.

16. She shewed my granola bar for me and then I ate it. I had my braces tightened and it hurt to chew ok!

All of the above confessions have been taken from whisper.