We love our bosses. Bosses are awesome. Wait, what? Sorry, I was high. Ahem…okay now. Love and Boss are like North and South Pole – they can never meet (unless you are in LOVE with your boss or you ARE the boss). The office is like a detention camp where the boss is the jailor. The boss bosses around, forces us to do things we don’t like doing, wants us to work our asses off till we actually drop dead, calls us up at unearthly hours without any reason, and always looks for a reason to humiliate us. All of this because the boss is the boss.

Here are 20 incidents when employees taught their bossed a lesson they will not forget:

1. I threw my call log book at my boss and said “you call them, I’m out!”.

2. When I get pissed at my boss for taking advantage of me, I steal office supplies.

3. When I get pissed at my boss I pull up indeed and angry search for a new job.

4. I was pissed at my boss; so I stole his calculator.

5. I screamed at my boss at the top of my lungs today for not handling a situation correctly. Her boss gave me props… Still a grunt though.

6. I once threw a dictionary at my boss because he pissed me off that much, he was much nicer after that.

7. Just threw a desk lamp at my boss and told him to lighten up… Well in getting fired but it was worth it.

8. I punched my boss in the face last night. Trust me, he deserved it.

9. This morning I screamed at my boss. I wasn’t mad at him but it was the only way I could get him to stop talking and listen to me. Now it’s almost 4 PM and he still hasn’t spoken a word to me. Didn’t even look at me. I think I’m doomed.

10. I accidentally yelled at my boss on the phone thinking he was my boyfriend. Boss can’t stop laughing… I am mortified.

11. I punched my boss in the face in front of everyone. Got away with it. I have a video of him stealing money. Karma…

12. I told myself that I would not let people talk at me anymore… I yelled at my boss today and it felt so good!

13. I threw a frappuccino at my boss for touching one of the workers. I got fired.

14. I threw a sandwich at my boss today. Still have a job?

15. Punched my boss across the face got fired and now got re-hired because I saw him with another woman! (He’s married)

16. I punched my boss in the face at a Christmas party. He fired me the next day. It was a blessing in disguise because I found a better job and now am much happier.

17. I once yelled at my boss for bringing in a hoagie and french fries for his lunch while I was eating a salad. Dieting makes me cranky.

18. I went to work while I was drunk and I screamed at my boss while crying. Am I doomed?

19. Went in threw my uniform at my boss and said I’m tired of you blackmailing me. He tried to fire me so I said I already quit and walked out.

20. I yelled at my boss that I was officially unable to work for her and slammed her coffee mug off her desk, she fired me right after I just quit… LOL

All of the above confessions have been taken from whisper.