Have you ever had this feel of ‘Dafuq’ while watching a cringe-worthy Bollywood movie? I think we all have been there. While some Bollywood movies are weird, illogical and funny but there are some posters that will make you think, “what on Earth was the filmmaker smoking?.”

Bollywood is full of weirdness, sometimes it’s the song, poster or the entire movie itself. Were they really trying to be funny or this humour element was unintentional?

Well, in this article, we have clubbed all those funny 90s Bollywood movie posters to brighten up your day. (Or maybe give you a good laugh?)

1. Phool Aur Kaante

This award-winning movie’s poster has Ajay Devgn soaking wet or maybe sweaty with actress Madhoo trying to smell his neck. I guess, it’s the sweat given the actress’ actions! The choice of fonts used for writing Phool aur Kaante may not be the best but they are conveying the message in quite literal terms.

Bollywood movies funny posters- Phool aur kaante

2. Junoon

This entire movie starring Rahul Roy is weird, let alone its poster. In the movie, the actor turns into a man-eating tiger on a full-moon night. How original, right? The tiger shown in the poster hardly looks like a tiger but a stuffed toy with vampire ears and weird eyes. Wonder how this poster convinced the audience to watch the movie.

Funny Movie Poster - Junoon

3. Tum Mere Ho

Okay, you are mine but why on the Earth is Juhi Chawla posing in a Bharatnatyam move while Aamir Khan putting a leg infront of her. That too, while being dressed up in a Tapori costume. Was the film about a fusion dance form?

Hilarious movie poster- Tum Mere Ho

4. Tere Mere Beech Mein

Oh My God! (Read this in Janice from F.R.I.E.N.D.S voice). What in the name of holy God are Amjad Khan and Dada Kondke trying to do? They are kissing each other via a white flower? The actress is flowing her lustrous locks between them and sticking her tongue out.

Tere Mere Beech Mein movie poster

5. Yodha

My eyes just got stuck on Sangeet Bijlani’s freshly manicured nails. She’s so proud of them, that she’s actually flaunting them in the poster. Whatever’s going on above.

Bollywood movie posters funny- Yodha

6. Test Tube Baby

Never ever came across a name as direct as this movie’s title. The poster even has a foetus inside a TEST TUBE, taking the term Test Tube Baby quite literally. This is the biggest facepalm poster ever! Don’t tell me otherwise.

Funny Bollywood movie name- Test Tube Baby

7. Kela

Katrina Kaif in a never-before avatar! The Bhojpuri (was Katrina Kaif was in one of them?) movie poster actually has a literal Kela placed meticulously right besides the title. Wonder if this film actually existed or not?

Kela movie Katrina Kaif
Rahul Nanda/Twitter

8. Suryavanshi

The iconic Salman Khan starrer that had the actor in a weirdo role. In the poster, Salman is flexing his muscles wearing a He-Man costume. Why? Nobody knows that. He’s even sporting golden blonde hair in the poster.

hilarious Bollywood posters- Suryavanshi
Kuntal Pal/YouTube

9. Toofan

So there’s a storm and we get it going by the literal meaning of the name. In the poster, Amitabh Bachchan is holding a weird-looking cross bow, laden with missiles, maybe? If you move your eye towards the left slightly, you can see Meenakshi Sheshadri threatening someone with her finger. Wonder she’s stopping Big B from using that THING.

Funny posters movie- Toofan