Every year, a large number of people plan to visit different places and different countries. There are many countries whose livelihood rests very much on the tourism sector. In such a situation, it is also crucial for them to continuously encourage the tourist spots and update their tourism policies according to demand.

Many tourists worldwide came to India for various reasons, and many Indians also visit abroad every year. When we go to other countries, we usually use public transportation for travelling to different places because our private vehicles are not permitted to drive there, and our driving licences are useless in other countries.

But what if you could drive with your Indian driving licence for visiting the stunning views of a foreign country? That too without getting involved with complicated legal problems or documentations?

Looks unbelievable? But in reality, many countries let you drive with your own Indian licence.

Here’s a list of some countries that can let you drive on your Indian driving licences:

1. Australia

You can drive easily on the left side of the road, as Australia has a driving behaviour similar to India. You can drive by using your Indian licence on roads in South Wales, Queensland, Coastal Australia, and Australia’s Capital Territory.

However, you can only drive the vehicles with your Indian licence. Northern Australia also only allows you to drive for three months with an Indian DL. The Licence should be in English.

drive in Australia

2. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has packed with tourists spots from all sides. You can drive with your Indian passport for one year on the roads of the United Kingdom, which comprises of three countries that are England, Scotland and Wales.

There are, however, predefined rules under which only small motor and motorcycles are allowed to drive.

indian driving licence Valid in UK

3. Germany

Germany has everything the fans of modern cultural fairy tale enthusiasts want. From castles to skyscraper buildings, Germany has all that any tourist want when they visit any tourist spot.

In Germany, you can drive for six months on an Indian driving licence, but do get a German or English copy of your driving licence for your convenience and interact with local authorities because that is what most authorities demand.

indian driving licence valid in germany

4. United States of America

The U.S.A. is full of natural & man-made wonders, historic landmarks, and entertainment venues that attract many foreigners every year. The best way to explore all the states of America is by road.

You can drive here for one year on your Indian driving licence. The only condition is that your licence should be in English. You need a U.S. driver’s licence after one year.

Indian Driving Licence Valid Countries List USA

5. South Africa

You can explore the beautiful cities and rural areas of South Africa by taking your Indian driving licence because South Africa accepts the valid driving licence of any country.

But the only prerequisite is that the driving licence should be in English, with the holder’s actual and updated picture and signature.

But if you are taking a car for rent or wanted to buy a new car, you will have to take another driving licence according to South African rules.

Indian Driving License Is Valid In Which Countries- South Africa
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6. Norway

Whether you want to visit the coastline or soaring mountains, Norway is one the most beautiful place in Europe.

All you want is time and vehicle to visit Norway by road but only for three months because an Indian Driving licence is valid in Norway for three months from your entry date in the country.

Countries Where Indian Driving Licences Are Accepted - Norway

7. Sweden

If you wanted to see a glimpse of the Northern Lights aurora in Europe, Sweden is the perfect place. Sweden will permit you to use vehicles on your own Indian driving licence.

But your driving licence should be in English, Swedish, German, French or Norwegian if you want to drive on the wet plus silent roads of Sweden. The government will permit you for driving for up to one year.

Foreign Countries Accepting Indian Driving Licence - Sweden
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8. New Zealand

The small country in the Pacific is full of geothermal fountains and starry nights. So if you wanted experiences these places in an entire way, we advise you to visit these places.

You will drive vehicles by yourself on your Indian driving licence because New Zealand authorities will let you drive in a country for one year without any hassle. But your age should be at least twenty-one years old to drive a car.

Foreign Countries Where Indian Driving Licence is valid - New Zealand

9. Switzerland

You can enjoy the staggering views of the snow-capped peaks, glacial lakes and quaint mountainside villages through the roads of Switzerland. All you’ve wanted to have is your wanderlust and your Indian driving licence.

You can go anywhere in Switzerland for one whole year without any additional documents. But your Indian driving licence should be in the English language.

Indian driving licence valid in which country - Switzerland

10. France

France is home to a plethora of tourist attractions. Whether you wanted to visit Eiffel Tower or Disneyland, you will have more fun when you drive around on your own. France drives on the right side of the road, like the U.S. and European countries.

If you carry your Indian driving licence’s French translated copy, you can easily use your valid Indian driving licence for driving for one year.

Indian driving licence valid in which country - France

11. Bhutan

This greenish and peaceful country let Indians drive with their two or four-wheeler with their Indian driving licenses. However, you must also have an international driving licence along with a valid licence when you drive here.

Indian DL valid in which country - Bhutan

12. Malaysia

This south-east Asian country is famous for its idyllic islands, beautiful beaches, national parks and dynamic cities that will make you a lover of Malaysian cultures, but the pleasure of all these places can be found only by driving yourself.

If you want to drive on Malaysian roads, your Indian DL should be in English or Malay. The Indian Embassy in Malaysia must also check your documents.

Indian International driving license validity - Malaysia

13. Mauritius

Because of its location in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is blessed with dense forests, unique wildlife, pristine beaches, making it a dream country for nature lovers and couples.

Indian driving licence is only allowed for only one day in this country, but this is enough for you to wander freely on the gorgeous island. But you need your driving licence to be translated into the English language.

Also, to drive vehicles in Mauritius, you must have an international driving licence.

Indian International DL validity - Mauritius

14. Singapore

This small island country is called the microcosm of modern Asia. It is full of peaceful parks with high tech skyscrapers and great shopping malls, making it one of the most highly grossing travel destinations.

Singapore permitted visitors to use their international driving license to travel across the country. Indians can also drive with an Indian driving license for one year. However, you need an International Driving Permit issued by a Regional Transport Officer sometimes.

Indian International DL validity - Singapore

15. Canada

Since Canada is highly populated by Indian nationals or people of Indian origin, their authorities accept Indian driving licence, but only for three months. After three months, you will have to apply for a Canadian licence.

countries where indian driving license is valid- Canada

16. Finland

Since Finland is the happiest country globally, it will let your mood ruin anyhow, especially if you wanted to travel by road by yourself. You can roam anywhere with an Indian driving license for one year in this country.

As much as this country is happy, it is also health-conscious. Health insurance is compulsory for driving. Depending on your insurance policy, you will be permitted to drive for 6 months to one year within any area.

In some cases, the validity of your insurance will determine the validity of your license.

countries where indian DL is valid- Finland

17. Spain

Spain is full of geographical diversity, ranges from sun-drenched archipelagos and bustling urban cities to snow-capped mountains and semi-arid deserts.

If you wanted these dramatic landscapes in this country, we advise you to travel by road because it is one the best ways to taste the diversity of this country. You can easily rent and drive vehicles using an Indian driving license here.

Your license will be accepted for six months post registering for residency. But your license needs to be in English. And with this, you also need to produce an I.D. proof when asked for.

countries where indian DL is valid- Spain

18. Iceland

Iceland is full of adventures and beautifully decorated with Icelandic nature and mesmerizing landscapes.

If you wanted to travel in this country, then by road is the way to do this for Indians because this country permits travellers from India to move around in rented vehicles with an international license issued in Canada, the U.S., and the European Economic Area.

An Indian driving license is accepted when it is translated into the English language.

Indian Driving licence international validity- Iceland

19. Italy

Italy’s beauty is unparalleled. Whether it is the silvery Alpine crests it is springing the Mediterranean Sea, a tour in Italy will surely be a memorable one for you, especially by travelling through roads.

It is only possible to drive in Italy with an Indian driving licence when you have an international driving permit. You can drive around for 1 year in this European country.

Indian Driving licence international validity- Italy

20. Ireland

From soaring cliffs to buzzing little towns, Ireland has all that you wanted to have an excellent road trip. This country accepts driving licences from E.U. or EEA countries and non-European Union countries.

Your licence will be valid for one year, and after this, you must get Ireland’s driving licence from Ireland’s authorities.

Indian Driving licence international validity- Ireland

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