We are used to see our favorite Bollywood celebrities, with their thin waist and literally fat-less body. We often idolize them, and say to yourselves, “wish I had a figure like her/him” while munching on a bag of chips. Well, do we ever think about how they used to look before? Were they were always this well maintained, or did it happen cause they wanted it to happen?

Here’s a list of few Bollywood celebrities whose weight loss transformation left us awestruck:

1. Zareen Khan

Actress, Zareen Khan also known as Zarine Khan, is known for her role in the movie, Hate Story 3, Veer (2010), she mainly works for Hindi films, but has also appeared in several Tamil, Telugu films as well. Zareen Khan, opens up in an interview about her getting body-shamed in the Bollywood industry when she first entered, as she weighed almost 100kgs back then. But now, with the help of her diets, workouts and yoga she is down to 57kg. Inspiring, right?

Zareen Khan from fat to fab

2. Ganesh Acharya

Yes! Our favorite, Gopi from the movie Any Body Can Dance is also in the list. Ganesh Acharya, is a well known Bollywood choreographer, his most notable works include his choreography for the film, Singham and Bodygaurd.  Acharya, made everyone go, “what!” after revealing that he has lost 98kgs, just by following a daily routine, where he eats from 12pm to 8pm and nothing beyond, that time frame.

ganesh acharya fat to fit

3. Parineeti Chopra

The Girl on the Train‘s actress, Parineeti Chopra was once terribly overweight, her first film Kill Dil released back in 2014, failing to make a mark in the industry. After that Chopra realized, a 26 year old girl should not be this fat, and planned on completely transforming herself from fat to fit, in 2 years.

Parineeti Chopra fat to fab

4. Alia Bhatt

Our sassy Shanaya from Student of The Year was asked to lose 20kgs before she could start shooting for the film. Alia took the challenge, motivated herself everyday and lost almost 16kgs in 6 months. Alia has also been featured in blockbuster movies like, Gully Boy, Dear Zindagi, Raazi and many more. Now she leads a very healthy and conscious diet, where she found out alternatives and healthier approach for the junk food she absolutely loved.

Alia Bhatt fat to fab

5. Sonakshi Sinha

The famous, Dabangg girl used to be so overweight that she started huffing while trying to run on a treadmill for more than 30 secs, back when she was 18. She even did get bullied in school for being overweight, but then she started loving herself. Though she loves to eat, she has cut off all the junk food from her diet, the only cheat meal she allows herself to eat is, pizza. From not being able to run on the treadmill, to someone who flaunts her body without any hesitation. Sonakshi is really an inspiration for many girls, suffering from their body image issues.

Bollywood actress weight loss- Sonakshi Sinha

6. Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor, who seen sharing screen with Alia Bhatt in the film 2 States, claims it took him 3 years to lose 50 kilos of weight. Unlike other Bollywood actors, Kapoor wasn’t always toned and heavy built, he worked hard enough for what he is. That could be taken as a huge inspiration.

Bollywood actors weight loss- Arjun Kapoor

7. Sara Ali Khan

From Kedarnath, to Simmba, Sara has made quite a big impact on the Bollywood industry. Not only did she stun people by her amazing acting skills, but also by her amazing transformation. Being diagnosed with PCOS, it was very difficult for Sara to keep her weight under control. During an interview, Sara states, “We can talk about acceptance and equality, but you will not watch a movie with your lead heroine being 96 kilos.” From 98kgs, to a leading actress with toned figure, Sara has made it seem possible that, even PCOS wasn’t a hurdle for her to lose weight.

Bollywood celebrities weight transformation- Sara Ali Khan

8. Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi, shared the screen with Ayushmann Khurrana in the movie Dum Laga Ke Haisha. In that movie Bhumi looked quote fat. Without discarding her favorite foods, and not following heavy workout plans. All she did was to follow a very healthy and natural routine like smoothies, kale, aloe-vera juice etc.

Bhumi-Pednekar weight loss transformation

Well, if you’re someone who’s suffering from body image issues or something that puts you down and makes you socially anxious, it’s your clue to get inspired by your favorite celebs. Get up and start working out today itself, better late than never, best of luck.