All of us have watched a lot of movies, some which left us in a state of awe and bewilderment and some which were okay enough for a one time watch but if you haven’t watched these movies then perhaps you haven’t watched the best yet and that it’s about time you give them a try. Grab the popcorn and dim the lights because it’s time to narrow down some must-watch classic movies that every one of us should give a try.

1. The Matrix – 1999

It is the ultimate movie with one of the best special effects ever put on the big screen. The way Keanu Reeves portrayed the character of Neo was one of, if not his best performance. With cool action scenes, mind-bending, and in-depth concepts it’s a must-watch science fiction classic.

You can watch The Matrix on Netflix.

Classic Movies- Matrix

2. Weathering With You – 2019

This movie exceeds every expectation that one could have while watching an animated film. It will make you laugh, feel emotional, and fall in love with every character. Visuals alone will have you sobbing. The seamlessly impressive concept is beyond praise. Anime fan or not one should definitely give this gem of a movie by Makoto Shinkai a try.

You can watch Weathering With You on Amazon Prime Video.

All time classic movies- Weathering With You

3. The Martian – 2015

Epic, inspiring, and phenomenal even such words fall short for The Martian. This piece of sci-fi drama keeps everything right to keep you hooked to screen. Matt Damon has beautifully portrayed the character of the main lead and with the support of the other cast, this movie is a treasure.

You can watch The Martian on Disney+ Hotstar.

Classic Hollywood movies to watch- The Martian

4. Parasite – 2019

This Oscar-winning masterpiece sure is a treat to the eye. Its engaging plot, hard-hitting theme, and spectacular cinematography will not disappoint you. It’s dark, funny, thrilling, and intriguing all at the same time. Parasite delivers everything that makes a movie perfect and leaves the audience in a state of awe.

You can watch Parasite on Amazon Prime Video.

parasite classic movie

5. Gangs of Wasseypur – 2012

This movie by Anurag Kashyap is undoubtedly one of the most realistic and authentic movies that Bollywood has ever made. Actors like Manoj Bajpai, Richa Chadda, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Huma Qureshi have done a marvelous job with utter realism. With an exquisite story, it shows the game of power, betrayal, violence, lust, hooliganism, and crime. This gangsta movie that is super entertaining can be listed among the best classic Hindi movies.

You can watch Gangs of Wasseypur on Amazon Prime Video.

Manoj Bajpayee in Gangs of Wasseypur

6. The Shawshank Redemption – 1994

With an IMDb rating of 9.2, The Shawshank Redemption holds the number one spot in all the movies that have ever been made. Based on the novel of Stephen King this murder mystery is well directed by Frank Darabont. This film is well crafted with some impeccable bone-chilling moments. The twist and turns with an amazing climax! This is a must-watch flick.

You can watch The Shawshank Redemption on Amazon Prime Video.

IMDB top movie- Shawshank Redemption

7. The Godfather – 1972 to 1990

The Godfather trilogy is the rarest diamond amongst all. All the mafia, crime, and drama will keep you on the edge till the very end. The whole cast is amazing who define the genre ‘Mafia’ in the best way possible. It’s a movie that does not really need a review. It’s epic in every sense of the word.

You can watch The Godfather on Amazon Prime Video.

Cult classics- The Godfather

8. Harry Potter Series – 2001 to 2011

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? But if you still haven’t watched any of his movies then it’s about time you welcome yourself to the world of Wizards. The series of Harry Potter movie will take you on a roller-coaster ride and oh, you’ll love it. It is something else, truly different, and one of a kind. A must-watch!

You can watch Harry Potter Series on Amazon Prime Video.

classic english movies- Harry Potter

9. Sound of Metal – 2019

Some movies are unforgettable and this sure is one of them. An Oscar nominee film, Sound of Metal is a work of art. It’s unique, it’s raw. Riz Ahmed has beautifully portrayed the character of Ruben. You’ll be emotional while watching this movie, yet you will enjoy every minute of watching this gem.

You can watch Sound of Metal on Amazon Prime Video.

Sound of Metal- Classic Hollywood movies

10. Up – 2009

This film tells us the story about the lovely Carl Fredricksen, a widower who decides to go on an adventure that he always wanted to go on with his wife but sadly couldn’t. Directed by Peter Docter and Bob Peterson this animated movie is quite heartwarming. It tells you that nobody is old to seek adventure.

You can watch Up on Disney+ Hotstar.

Animated classic movies- up movie

11. The Amazing Spider-Man – 2012

The series of The Amazing Spider-Man always holds the top charts if the talk is about all the Spiderman movies that have ever been made. Andrew Garfield has portrayed the role of Peter Parker brilliantly. With its amazing script, remarkable soundtrack, and praiseworthy chemistry of the main leads this 2012 movie never gets old and people still cherish it!

You can watch The Amazing Spider-Man on Netflix.

classic movies- The Amazing Spider Man

12. Joker – 2019

Joker is one of the most realistic Comic Book Films that you will ever watch. It’s intense, it’s dark, this movie is insane level max. Whether you are a fan of DC or not, a fan of comics or not, if you love dark stories you’ll definitely end up loving this masterpiece.

You can watch Joker on Netflix.

classic hollywood movies - Joker

13. The Lunchbox – 2013

Ritesh Batra the writer as well as the director deserves a huge applaud for this piece of art. This film teaches us that “love arises between strangers by food”. The Lunchbox is a beautiful and unique film that engages you in its simplicity, it’s a movie that will leave you with a feeling of content in the end.

You can watch The Lunchbox on Netflix.

The Lunchbox movie

14. Shutter Island – 2010

You will watch this movie the 10th time and you’ll still find yourself hanging on the edge. Shutter Island is based on Dennis Lehane’s 2003 novel which stars actors like Leonardo Di Capro, Mark Ruffalo, and Ben Kingsley. This movie is an intelligent work with crazy twists and marvelous cinematography. It’s simply too a must-watch.

You can watch Shutter Island on Netflix.

classic movies- Shutter Island

15. The Avengers – 2012

The Avengers is considered one of the best among all the MCU movies. It has everything that one seeks in a team-up superhero film. The stunning action scenes and the interaction between the heroes is way too captivating. It’s an absolute must-watch for all Marvel lovers.

You can watch The Avengers on Disney+ Hotstar.

All time classic movies- The Avengers

16. Moonlight – 2016

Saying this movie is powerful is an understatement. Moonlight is an absolutely stunning film. The plot is brilliant, the cast is brilliant. No wonder it won Oscar. It’s thought-provoking and simply beautiful. Well worth a watch. Do give it a try.

You can watch Moonlight on Amazon Prime Video.


17. John Wick – 2014

John Wick stands out in the crowd. This film series is dark, brutal, and everything that an action film should be like. The satisfaction you receive after watching Keanu Reeves’s action-packed scene is unexplainable. It’s another classic Hollywood movie, worth a watch.

You can watch John Wick on Netflix.

John Wick

18. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge – 1995

DDLJ is an iconic and longest-running rom-com Bollywood film. Songs, plot, dialogues, screenplay, and the direction everything is beyond praise and exceptionally done. The chemistry between SRK and Kajol is to die for. One of the best classic Bollywood movies of all time.

You can watch Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge on Amazon Prime Video.

classic hindi movies- Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

19. Whiplash – 2014

This is not your typical movie whose genre is music. This movie is like a journey that will help you to search for your inner spirit and inner creativity. It teaches you that it takes passion and a lot of sacrifices to reach the path of glory. If you love art, and by art, we mean every kind of art, you should give this movie a try.

You can watch Whiplash on Netflix.

All time Hollywood classics- Whiplash

20. The Notebook – 2004

If you are craving to watch some classic romance/drama movie then this could be one of your best bet. The Notebook is among some of the best Nicholas Sparks movies, it’s a fairy-tale story that will keep you enthralled. It’s a heartwarming movie that will absorb you from reality and put you into the magic of love. It’s a highly recommended one for all the hopeless romantic beings out there.

You can watch The Notebook on Netflix.

The Notebook

21. Forrest Gump – 1994

Splendid is an apt word to describe this work of art. The movie has action, drama, romance, and most importantly comedy. This movie will give you a life lesson and will teach you how to live a happy life. Tom Hanks yet again proves that he is the king in this field of acting. The film teaches a lot and is another must-watch classic English movies.

You can watch Forrest Gump on Netflix.

Forest Gump
The Guardian

22. Mr. Nobody – 2009

If sci-fi interests you and if you have an inclination especially towards time, the universe, and the probability of how you existed, then you are in for a treat. This movie will make you introspect a lot about life and its probabilities. Spending your two hours on this masterpiece would be a very worthy experience!

You can watch Mr. Nobody on Amazon Prime Video.

classic english movies- Mr. Nobody

23. Titanic – 1997

Nobody can ever get bored watching this beauty. Titanic defines the word classic movies. Every time the ship goes down our heart sobs. Nobody could’ve played the role of Jack and Rose better than Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. It’s a masterpiece. It’s a movie that you must watch and we bet you’ll never regret it.

You can watch Titanic on Disney+ Hotstar.

hollywood movie hindi dubbed- Titanic

Go get your laptop and have a fun time, happy binging!