Ladakh is a startling destination for adventure sports and adventurous activities due to being located at a high altitude. The exceptional destination never fails to offer lots of interesting and thrilling activities to users. If you’re planning to have an entertainment-packed Ladakh tour, you must include some adventurous activities to spice up your journey. Most Ladakh tour packages offer adventurous activities as complementary elements. However, if you’re drafting a customized tour plan, you may need to add on the adventurous activities you want to add separately.

Let’s discover some goose-bumping activities that can make your Ladakh trip remarkable.

1. Jeep safari through the mountain roads

The mystic beauty of Ladakh becomes more intense when you initiate a jeep safari through the mountain roads in the widespread mountain ranges and valleys in Ladakh. You get the chance to explore all the fascinating special attractions of Ladakh through your jeep safari. Especially, having a heart-stopping experience of going to the Magnetic Hill by jeep is something you’ll never experience again. In this region, jeeps and other metallic substances get attracted to the mountain rocks due to the magnetic properties of the hills. Also, you can visit all the fabulous lakes of Ladakh one after another by arranging a jeep safari. Sightseeing in Ladakh gets to the next level when you hire a jeep for having safari rides.

Dras Valley Sightseeing in Leh Ladakh
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2. Snow leopard trek

Do mountains and wildlife both steal your sleep? If so, having a sudden snow leopard trek to the Rumbak Valley will be a lifetime experience for you. Trekking to this special region will let you enjoy the challenges of trekking in every step. Alongside, you can expect to have encounters with some rare species of animals like- Tibetan Wolves, Blue Sheep, and snow leopard also if you’re lucky. That’s why this place is considered a heaven for adventure lovers who are crazy for trekking and wildlife expeditions.

 Snow leopard trek Rumbak Valley

3. Chadar Trek

Your heartbeat will go up automatically when you’ll have a walk over the frozen Zanskar River in the Zanskar valley. This mind-blowing winter trek will linger in your memories forever. Walking over the frozen river while witnessing the out-of-the-world beauty of the Zanskar Valley will make you feel like you’re dreaming. Also, this trek takes innate knowledge about trekking and experience as well. If you’re in love with trekking to exciting locations, this trekking plan will the best activity program for you in Ladakh.

Chadar Trek Difficult trek in India

4. Camel Safari

Deserts come to our mind when thinking of camel safaris, right? Did you ever imagine how it would feel to have a camel safari in the valleys of Ladakh? Well, you’re hearing right. You can arrange a camel safari for you and your family in the Nubra Valley. Nothing can be better than forgetting your busy life while enjoying the transcendence of the Nubra Valley from a camel’s back. The valley itself has an enchanting natural essence to please tourists. Visiting this valley can become way more delightful as you include a camel safari into your plan.

Nubra Valley Camel Ride- Must do things in Leh Ladakh
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5. Biking

Every traveler knows that Ladakh and biking are almost synonyms. The remote, rigid, and ice-covered passes of Ladakh are riders’ paradise indeed. Cruising with a premium cruiser bike through the snow-covered, narrow passes while leaving high mountain walls behind is what a biker dreams about every day. However, Ladakh tour packages usually don’t include bike ride sessions. Therefore, you need to get in touch with a biking rental service to rent a premium cruiser for biking in the Ladakh passes. Some travelers also prefer reaching Ladakh by bike from the nearest airports and connector cities.

Magnetic Hill- Tourist places in Leh
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6. Camping in the valleys

No matter which valley you visit in Ladakh, you’ll see numerous camps. Camping in the mesmerizing valleys in Ladakh is the best way to connect to the refreshing ambiance of Ladakh. You can get as much closure to nature in any other destination as you can feel in Ladakh. Some tourists also prefer staying in camps permanently instead of booking hotels or lodges. Allow yourself to speculate the mysterious evenings of the Ladakh valleys by arranging a camping session for yourself.

camping in ladakh

7. Zanskar rafting

This adventure sport is not available throughout the year. If you visit Ladakh during winter, you can’t get the facility to raft in the Zanskar River as the river gets frozen. However, if you’ve planned your trip during summer, you stand high chances to avail of rafting programs in the Zanskar river. Rafting in the Zanskar river is also an exotic and uncommon experience that you can’t get while rafting in any other river of India. Visualize that you’re rafting in a river and you find that a specific portion of the river is already frozen. Doesn’t it sound amazing? So, you can also add this excellent program to your Ladakh trip to make your trip more enjoyable.


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These are the best adventurous activities you must consider while creating your day-to-day plans in Ladakh. These activities will help you enjoy your holiday to the fullest by adding a tinge of thrill to your tour.