Everyone needs a good workout every now and then; it keeps our bodies healthy and keeps our minds strong. The best assistant to a good workout is a good insulated water bottle. The bottle or flask lets us take healthy drinks with us to the gym without them getting spoiled. A good post workout drink is an absolutely essential part of a good workout.

Smoothies, water, protein shakes or a warm beverage of your choice, you need a flask to carry all these to your gym. Make sure you invest in a trendy vacuum insulated water bottle or flask, one that would keep all your drinks fresh and hot or cold; one that would come with a lid that makes sipping easier; and one that is available in a convenient size. Check out Vaya Drynk, an insulated water bottle that complements your workout routine!

Vaya Drynk
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Below are some of the best post workout drinks to help you maximize your workout’s benefits.

1. Chocolate peanut butter protein shake

Protein shakes are classic post workout drinks. The majority of protein powder products inevitably make use of chocolate and peanut butter ingredients. This is for good reason, both chocolate and peanut butter have amazing properties that help your body to recover after a large bout of exertion. The peanut butter has protein, and the chocolate has antioxidant properties that help your muscles deal with inflammation caused by lactic acid build up. It also tastes really great, which is one of the things you want when drinking protein powder, which is notably not that tasty.

Chocolate peanut butter protein shake

2. Golden turmeric milk

Turmeric milk may seem like a rather strange choice for a good post workout drink, but it is in fact everything you want in a good workout recovery drink. The turmeric has natural anti- inflammatory properties that will help your muscles recover. It also has natural antifungal and antiviral properties which will keep you healthy and help you to avoid getting sick from the germ laden gyms. Most turmeric milk is made using milk which provides your body with calcium. But you can also substitute coconut milk to add electrolytes to your workout drink.

Golden turmeric milk

3. Coconut water

Coconut water is one of the simplest and healthiest workout drinks to place in your workout drink arsenal. It is essentially a natural sports drink as it is filled with electrolytes, the primary ingredient in most sports drinks. Electrolytes are minerals containing an electric charge that are located in your body’s tissues. They help your body to properly rehydrate by balancing its pH levels. You will find it difficult to stay properly hydrated if you do not maintain a proper electrolyte balance. Coconut water will give you a good amount of electrolytes without the excess sugar found in sports drinks.

Coconut water

4. Cherry juice

Tart fruit juice drinks also make for rather great post workout drinks. Their tart flavor helps you to drink it slowly, instead of guzzling it all down quickly. The fruit also contains a prodigious amount of antioxidants. This can go a long way towards helping with muscle recovery. They can also help to regain your top form quickly by aiding in muscle recovery and the alleviation of muscle soreness. The effect should peak about 24 hours after finishing your sports drink. If cherry juice isn’t your thing, you can easily supplement it with berry juices of your choice.

Cherry Juice

5. Black or green tea

Tea is always a good choice, at just about any time of the day. It has a host of positive health benefits, which is one of the reasons that it is so popular. Green and black tea tend to be the best for helping you recover from your workout. It not only has antioxidants which is great for helping with muscle recovery, but it also has the ability to boost the body’s metabolism. It can help you to burn more calories after a workout than you initially planned for.

black vs green tea

6. Malted chocolate cauliflower smoothie

A rather interesting post workout drink option is this malted chocolate cauliflower smoothie. It may sound like a strange mouthful at first, but it is in fact, a pretty fantastic drink option. The cauliflower is high in simultaneously high in dietary fiber and a great source of antioxidants. The dietary fiber will help your body’s digestion which is great if you’re trying to bulk up. Cauliflower is also extremely low in calories, around 25 calories per cup, meaning that you can consume quite a bit of it in good conscience.

Malted chocolate cauliflower smoothie

7. Peanut butter hemp smoothie

If you are focused on building muscle mass and bulking up, you can’t do any better as far as post workout drinks go than this peanut butter hemp smoothie. Both peanut butter and hemp are fantastic sources of protein. You can meet a large portion of your protein requirement for the day simply by drinking this smoothie. Hemp also helps with digestion and keeps your body’s functions operating smoothly. If you make the smoothie using coconut water or almond milk, you can even transform it into a vegan smoothie.

Peanut butter hemp smoothie

8. Almond buttercup smoothie

This almond buttercup smoothie can be considered a heavy duty post workout option. It has raw cacao nibs, cacao powder, almond butter, raw slivered almonds, banana, and dates. That all makes for one thick and delicious smoothy that is filled to the brim with protein, dietary fiber, and even a little bit of calcium. The protein will help your muscles recover, the dietary fiber will help with digestion, and the calcium will keep your bones strong. You can’t get much better than this smoothie when it comes to good post workout drinks.

Almond buttercup smoothie

9. Green monster smoothie

Most people involved in the health and wellness world have heard of the iconic green monster smoothie. It is chock full of delicious and healthy greens like spinach, kale, and celery sticks. It is perfect for vegans and vegetarians but is also exactly what omnivores need as well. The best thing about this smoothie is its versatility. You can add protein powder to it to gain the protein your body needs after a workout or add spices to gain more antioxidants and other health benefits you may not get with other smoothies.

Green monster smoothie

10. Water

Perhaps the best post workout drink with the most consistent health benefits for your body is plain old water. Your body needs to stay hydrated to function properly; your muscles especially need this. Staying hydrated will improve your overall exercise performance and reduce your food cravings. If you make sure to start rehydrating right after a good workout, you will prevent overeating as well recover from the strain caused by your workout faster.