I remember the time when Instagram was literally just for memes and posting pictures of ourselves. But it’s been quite a while since people started portraying their talents. On this platform, which honestly made our lives a little better, being their audience. The amount of time, effort, and talent they put in, is actually not addressed very widely.

Here’s the list of some of the most underrated Instagram music makers and singers, who should be getting a bigger platform, cause they absolutely deserve all this hype:

1. Mihika Sansare (@mihika__)

Mihika Sansare is mainly known for her amazing guitar strumming skills. She also has her own iconic hashtag named, “#MusicWithMihika”. But not only did her guitar covers got her listeners hooked but also her amazing voice too! One of her covers on the song, “Oh oh jane jana” hit more than a million views! She doesn’t only stick with mainstream songs, but also she makes cover tunes like Harry Potter, Mario, Pirates of Caribbean.


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2. Agniv Chowdhury (@yourboyflamec_)

Agniv, or FlameC as his fans like to call him, a Bengali rapper from Kolkata, rose to fame back in 2019 itself. He is known for making raps about current situations, lifestyle, particular time periods, etc. Not only that he did quite a few covers with other artists as well. His most recent track that got released named, “Motobirodh” on his YouTube channel. But if you ask me, about, my favorite track of him, it has to be, “Anamika” you definitely need to check that track out!

3. Tushar Raj (@tushar.raj10)

Have you ever felt the urge to listen to some chill and lofi beats? Well then, you probably have listened to Tushar’s song. The 20-year-old, bedroom music maker from Kolkata, made it to the big platforms, and to the heart of the listeners. With more than a lakh streams on his Spotify playlist, Tushar has proved no matter what giving up is not an option. Not only does he make videos related to songs, but also he lets others know about his previous downfalls. He motivates each and everyone to follow their dreams. Which personally, motivates me also, NGL. 


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4. Sumedha Mishra (@sap.ukemusic)

Perhaps, the youngest one in this list has to be Sumedha the 14-year-old singer and dancer. One of her most successful covers is on her Instagram with more than 40k views, which is basically her take on the song, “Banjara”, but the mashup she made for Tanzeel Khan’s birthday, was one of the best posts on her page. This insanely talented girl deserves a lot more hype, though I’m sure she’ll get that soon. Best of luck to her.


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5. Chirasha Rawal (@chirasharawal)

This wee 16-year-old girl from Rajasthan is absolutely one of the most underrated singer and songwriters on Instagram. She mostly posts covers of songs like Chandelier by Sia, Her beautiful, melodious voice and super catchy way of playing guitar got her a good amount of fan following. But honestly, she deserves a lot more than that, I’m not even kidding.


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6. Simran Ferwani (@simranferwani)

Simran, a 22-year-old brilliant singer from West Bengal. Not only did she steal the hearts of her audience with her super melodious voice, but also with her love for pets. She’s a mom of a bunch of cats, with them having their Instagram accounts as well! One of her most hit and famous covers is the song, “Oviman” posted on her YouTube channel and her Instagram as well.


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7. Shrey Gupta (@thatfingerstyleguitarist)

Shrey Gupta, a 21-year-old guitarist, songwriter, singer, and whatnot from New Delhi. With more than 40k followers on his Instagram, Shrey has been stealing the hearts of his listeners on a daily basis. One of his most reached outposts is his take on, “Woh ladki hai kahan” with over 800k views on his Instagram page. But not only that, he does make fun and trendy reels, based on his subject of interest, that is obviously one word, “Music”.

8. Vidhi Trivedi (@vidhitrivedi_)

Vidhi an 18-year-old madly talented girl from Kanpur. Though it seems she just started her Instagram music journey, she did receive quite a lot of love from the singing community. One of her most successful covers is, “Man Mera” with more than 20k views on her IGTV. She even posts on her YouTube, which is linked on her bio, so don’t forget to check that out as well, she won’t disappoint.


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9. PianobyPreet (@pianobypreet)

Preet is a self-taught pianist, who doesn’t only post piano covers of songs on Instagram, but also, tutorials for beginners, like the most recent one he posted was on the trending page, “Runaway”. With over 10k views on most of his posts on Instagram, Preet also signed up for his Clubhouse account. Do you wanna know my personal favorite from his account, it’s his cover on Shinchan’s background music. Hehe.


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10. Hrito Chatterjee (@_hrito_on_the_guitars_)

Hrito, the 19-year-old, from Kolkata, is one of the very talented guitarists I’ve come across. With participating in school programs, to starting off his own guitar teaching lessons. Perhaps one of the most underrated music artists on this whole list. His cover of, “Phir Kabhi” caught the listeners off guard.

Thus with this, the list comes to end, but that doesn’t mean there are no more Instagram artists around. These creators try very hard to post the best for their followers. So do not forget to give them a follow, share, comment, like their accounts. Cause it does mean a lot to them.