Unbelievable Facts About Friends

This is 2021, and Friends is streaming on Netflix among the 10 trending shows.  The phenomenon of this show has got scientists attention as well. Yashu Seth who is a machine-learning engineer made his own study based on the character of friends in numbers and graphs. Based on these characters they studied gender stereotypes.

The thought came to Yashu’s mind while watching one of his favourite episodes “The one with Ross’s Tan”, where everyone’s performance is hilarious. Who is the actual lead of the show? Is it Ross and Rachael, or the witty Phoebe, or is it sarcastic Chandler, or the clean freak Monica or the most famous ladies man- Joey?


Eventually, when he couldn’t decide on one, he used data science and gathered instances from all the seasons and came up to this conclusion.

1. Ross and Rachel had more lines than anyone else

Ross and Rachel hold the first place and I believe, that’s because of their love story and it’s their love story due to which the show was followed rigorously by the fans. They have almost spoken 100,000 words, which is an approximate number. The least was spoken by Phoebe, which stands to 15,000 because most of her words were in her head. There is no priority given to any particular person because it was well balanced.

Ross and Rachel Lead Character of “Friends”
Unbelievable facts Friends
YashuSeth Blog

2. Chandler had the biggest number of screen appearances

Through his study, we come to know that Chandler had the most screen appearance. It comes to 1,400+. Rachael and Ross stand very close with 1,370 and 1,330 individually. Phoebe again had the least number of appearances. But not forgetting to mention, these data are calculated on the basis of dialogue delivery and screen appearance.

Chandler Bing
friends show Unbelievable facts
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3. Ross has the biggest number of individual screen appearances

This category made Ross the winner with 150 scenes. This parameter was calculated on the basis where out of all the characters who were seen individually or with supporting actors. Ross had the highest number and Rachael was not even close this time and stood at fourth place. Joey stands in second place with 130 scenes and Monica least with only 50 scenes.


Ross Geller Unagi
friends show amazing facts
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4. Rachel was mentioned in the episode titles more often than the others

Again Rachel and Ross beat everyone in this category. Rachel beats everyone by holding 27 episodes title and Ross has 24. Monica again stands at the last place holding only 8 episodes title which mentions her name.

Rachel Green Friends
friends show DATA
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5. Ross Geller is the lead character of the show

According to the numbers and graphs, Ross looks like the lead character of the show. He has a greater number of screen appearances, and many other categories as well.

Astonishing facts about Friends show

6. A lead couple of the show

In Spite of Ross and Rachael being the most talked couple of the show, they don’t lead here. The winner of this category remains Chandler and Joey who appeared most of the time on screen as a pair.

Chandler and Joey

7. The main supporting character in Friends

Other than the 6 main characters, Gunther, a barista from the Central Perk coffee shop has the most screen appearances amongst all the supporting characters.

Gunther Friends

8. The main set for Friends was

People think that the main location and set of friends was the Central Perk but most of the scenes which comes to around 26% were shot in Monica’s apartment compared to 16% that was shot at Central Perk.

Unbelievable Facts about Friends



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