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Living in a patriarchal society exposes a woman to many forms of harassment, whether she is out and about, working in an office, or using social media. Additionally, it is fairly typical for women to be harassed in busy public areas. The same is true for Bollywood actresses who endure dreadful casting couch experiences.

In the film world, a number of actresses have experienced harassment. The subject of the “Casting Couch” in Bollywood has been debated for many years. It is not a novel idea; it has existed in the underbelly of the entertainment business.


The glamourous Bollywood industry is not as glitzy as it first appears. It has happened on several occasions that new actresses or even established actresses have encountered unpleasant situations, and they are fairly startling. When some of these tales are leaked, they initially generate a lot of noise before dying down after a few weeks. Other stories that draw people in have served their purpose.

Several actresses have shared their experiences when they face casting couch horror. There have been a number of startling instances where Bollywood stars have been sexually or mentally harassed.

However, it’s time to discuss TV actresses who spoke about their casting couch experiences and attracted a lot of attention. So, let’s find out what they said:

1. Shivya Pathania

Shivya Pathania, Baal Shiv actress, recently unveiled out to Hindustan Times about her experience on the casting couch. She said that she received a call to appear in an audition for an advertisement with a well-known celebrity. But he warned her that she would have to make some compromises.


Hanuman Chalisa was playing on that guy’s laptop, and the actress recalled telling him,

Aapko sharam nahin aa rahi hai? Aap bhajan (Hindu devotional hymn) sun rahe ho aur aap kya bol rahe ho

Shivya Pathania casting couch

2. Divyanka Tripathi

Divyanka once said to Bollywood Bubble that there was a moment when she was under a lot of strain and didn’t have any money. She disclosed that she had received a job offer and had been promised a huge break if she cooperated with the director. According to the actress, she was informed as though everyone was doing it.

Divyanka Tripathi casting couch
Divyanka Tripathi/Instagram

3. Madalsa Sharma

In an interview with E-Times, Anupamaa actress Madalsa Sharma discussed the casting couch in detail. You occasionally run into folks, she had remarked,

who are probably a little more interested in things that you are not at all willing to offer

The actress claimed that she would just get up and leave the room if she felt uneasy around somebody or during a meeting. It’s a personal choice, she added.


Madalsa Sharma casting couch story
Madalsa Sharma/Instagram

4. Sneha Jain

Actress Sneha Jain of Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 disclosed to E-Times that she has been given a role in a South film and would have to fly to Hyderabad to meet the director and producer. She then learned that she must make compromises and that, after signing the contract, she must spend time with the director and follow his instructions.

TV Actresses Casting Couch - Sneha Jain
Sneha Jain/Instagram

5. Kishwer Merchant

Kishwer, who has been in several TV series, said to the Times of India that she had once been instructed to sleep with a celebrity. After denying it politely, the actress walked out of the meeting.

Casting count TV actress- Kishwer Merchant
Kishwer M Rai/Instagram

6. Aradhana Sharma

A horrifying occurrence that happened to Aradhana Sharma, a cast member of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah and Splitsvilla, was discussed a lot.  She had disclosed to Times Of India that she had been to Ranchi for a job and had been improperly touched while doing the script reading. She simply shoved the man and fled the scene.

Aradhana Sharma Casting couch story
Aradhana Sharma/Instagram

No matter how progressive society gets, some things remain the same.



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