Things Illegal In India

These past few days made us question whether certain things are legal or illegal. There has been widespread controversy on topics like sedition laws, the right to dissent, freedom of expression. It is now good to witness that the taboo over these topics are now over and people are discussing it, but there are certain Indian laws that make some of the everyday activities illegal.

1. It’s illegal to fly a kite without a permit

As per the Indian Aircraft Act of 1934, which puts forward the rule that you require a permit or for that matter a license to fly a plane, you also require the same type of permit to fly a kite. But what about ‘Kai Po Che!’, bro?


Things Illegal In India

2. In Delhi, it’s not legally permitted to not warn the authorities by beating the drum when locusts attack

As per the East Punjab Agriculture Pests, Diseases and Noxious Weeds Act, 1949, if in case there is a locusts attack in the city but you did not warn the authorities by beating a drum, you will be charged with a fine of 50 rupees.

Things Illegal In India

3. Prostitution is legal in India. But pimping is illegal.

There is a reason why in certain cities and towns in India you still witness red light areas. You can pay anyone for sex you are legally allowed to do that, but if you speak to a pimp or try to pimp someone else, you’re definitely in trouble.

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4. It is not legally allowed to attempt suicide. It’s okay if you succeed in it. (But, this law was recently removed)

As per Section 309 of the IPC, any attempt to undertake suicide was punishable under the law. Now we get why they had to keep Irom Sharmila under house arrest and forcefully feed her. Didn’t shatter her decision though – her fight to remove AFSPA still continues.

Things Illegal In India

5. It’s illegal for more than 10 couples to dance on the same stage together

As per the Licensing and Controlling Places of Amusement, 1960, if the number of couples is dancing at the same time exceeds 10 on the same stage, then the law has the authority to either lessen the number of couples or completely stop the event.


Things Illegal In India

6. It is not legally allowed to get your ears cleaned or your teeth fixed through roadside vendors

As per Chapter V, Section 49 of the Dentist Act of 1948, street dentistry is prohibited in India. Keeping aside the fact that they will charge you 150 bucks for something that could be much more expensive in a dentists office? A similar law also regards roadside ear cleaning as illegal.

Things Illegal In India

7. It’s not legally allowed for factories to make women work at night in factories

According to the Factories Act of 1948, it is also not legally allowed to make women workers work night shifts.

Things Illegal In India

8. It is legally denied to have factories that don’t have spittoons where the workers work

During times when workers employed in Maruti and Honda factories are fighting to get their wants satisfied by their bosses, their still subsist Section 20 of The Factories Act of 1948, according to which there has to be a regular number of spittoons on the factory floor for the workers to spit on mandatorily.

Things Illegal In India

9. If you happen to discover money lying around that exceeds 10 rupees, you’re doing a crime by not reporting it

As per the Treasure Trove Act of 1878, any treasure you discover belongs to the Queen. But if in case it does not exceed more than rupees 10, you can keep it.


indian rupee on road

10. Oral sex is illegal

Sodomy is illegal, and unfortunately, in a hetero-normative society such as India, most think twice over it but are you aware that under Section 377 of the IPC, which legalizes ‘unnatural sex’, oral sex is illegal.



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