Getting simple yet elegant tattoos has become a new trend among women. Some are quite big, some are absolutely small, some are adorable and some are meaningful tattoo. Some are simply aesthetically pleasing, some have deep meanings. People these days are open to people who get tattoos and not consider them someone out of the world. And probably this is the reason people are not afraid to flaunt their tattoos anymore.

So if you are a woman who loves to get inked and looking for something, you can get inspiration from these unconventional tattoos!

1. A good powerful phrase for the strong woman you are

Tattoo Ideas For Women

2. Some self-love because no love is better than loving yourself

Tattoo Ideas For Women

3. Go bold with this tattoo for the one who don’t care

Tattoo Ideas For Women

4. Not giving any fucks. This tattoo is something that we all need!

Tattoo Ideas For Women

5. A woman’s best friend and something that makes her feel confident

Tattoo Ideas For Women

6. Simple yet elegant with these lines and dots on your fingers

Tattoo Ideas For Women

7. Amazing half mandala on the wrist

tattoo ideas women

8. Simple laurel wreath, the symbol of victory and triumph

Women tattoo ideas

9. A tiny lightning bolt for the wonder woman you are

Tattoo Ideas For Ladies

10. Some symbols. Doesn’t have to really mean something

Tattoo Ideas For Girls

11. Bohemian design for your fingers

Unconventional Tattoo Ideas For Women

12. Simple leaves for the middle finger

Tattoo Ideas For Women

13. Minimalist flowers that symbolize femininity, beauty, and love

Tattoo Ideas For Women hands

14. Triangles that represents Holy Trinity

Tattoo Ideas For hands

15. A tree for someone who is growing strong constantly and overcoming all the obstacles coming their way

Tattoo Ideas For girl hands

16. Mandala flower that emulates a sense of harmony

Tattoo ideas for women With meaning

17. Arrow represents the fight it takes to get there and personal achievement

Tattoos for girls on hand

18. Clouds that rains gems

Female Tattoos Gallery

19. Barren tree to make you feel connected to your past, your ancestors, or your family

Beautiful back tattoos for women

20. Glyph design

Best Female Tattoos

21. Bright sunflower for the bright, colorful life

Tattoo Ideas For Women

22. A black rose that stands for the beginning of new things and major change in your life

Best Female Tattoos

23. Mandala

girl tattoos pictures

24. This powerful design

Best female tattoo

25. Some pink flowers

Tattoo On leg for Girl

26. Blue pansy flower

Simple Leg Tattoos For females

27. Lines on your toe fingers for the minimalistic person you are

Leg tattoo ideas for females

28. Simple beautiful flower on the back of the ear

Small meaningful tattoos for females

29. Doesn’t flower work anywhere?

ear tattoos for females

30. Mandala flower made of tiny dots and lines

Beautiful back tattoos for females

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