Smart Vending Machine Myths

How often have you had to forgo lunch or breakfast because you were running late for a meeting, a class or a job interview? Sometimes you may not have the luxury of sitting at a restaurant and enjoying a warm, hearty meal. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to eat at all. Vending machines offer such convenience that you can get your favourite snack, beverage, or food on the go.

However, the use and popularity of these machines have spiked some mixed reactions. While some people are overly grateful tea vending machines were invented, others seem to think otherwise. Hence the several myths you probably have heard about them. But here are five myths about smart vending machines you need to know.


Myth #1. Vending Machine Products Are Expensive

Vending machines aim to deliver convenience on the go. This means they are an option you can get as fast and at the most reasonable price. It’s a myth that products you will find at vending machines are expensive. Most people believe this myth due to the advanced technological integration used in these machines.

The prices of products sold in vending machines are based on an MSRP basis. This means the cost determined by the manufacturer is what works. The vending machine business aims to draw you to them as a fast and reliable solution. And therefore, you don’t have to go to the grocery store or restaurant. Therefore, the prices they offer are to make customers purchase products from their machines. Moreover, vending machine owners always avoid overpricing products to match the competition.

Smart Vending Machines

Myth #2. Vending Machines Store Stale Foods

Can vending machines source fresh foods? After all, it’s just a machine standing there, and no one knows when they restock the food! These are some of the questions that most people ask about vending machines. However, claiming that vending machines store stale foods is a myth. Vending machine technology has evolved over the years and continues to evolve. The aim is to improve customer experience and ensure the products offered are of the best quality.

The vending business owners usually make timely visits to the machines to restock and get rid of any overstayed goods. Besides, they are usually extremely vigilant about the kinds of products they display. This business offers direct revenue. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep up with regular checks of when the foods were added to the machine, their current status and expiration dates.


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Myth #3. Vending Machines Store Unhealthy Foods

With several working hours and minimal time to get a good meal, most workers are looking to find a balance between their health and work. In such cases, food vending machines are ideal, especially coffee vending machines for the office. It makes it easy for office workers to get their coffee within the office while still within the working environment.

However, the myth that vending machines hold unhealthy foods has sent many people in the opposite direction. But this is different; according to the 2023 vending machine trends, the trend for offering healthy products is fast picking up. Vending machines can now store healthy vegetables and fruits, including vegan products.

Myth #4. Vending Machines Offer Fewer Product Options

Vending machines offer only snacks and beverages. This myth could have been true with the traditional vending machines. However, with the technological advancements in these machines, today you will find fresh foods, gluten-free foods, hot and cold beverages, soups, cakes, make-it-yourself pizzas, and salads.

Furthermore, a professional team always tracks and restocks the products in these machines, from items hard to get elsewhere to everyday meals. So, you can keep your workers within the office, maximising productivity while saving on time that could otherwise go into lunch hour breaks.


Myth #5. Vending Machines Offer Limited Payment Options

The main objective of vending machines is to create convenience. Convenience in getting food on the go and convenience paying for that food. Therefore, it’s a myth to say that these machines have a limited payment option. Most vending machine manufacturers understand this factor and thus offer the best flexible payment options for convenience regardless of location. Apart from cash payment, nowadays, you can get a tea vending machine with several digital payment options. For instance, e-wallets, credit cards, debit cards, mobile money and many more.

Smart Vending Machine payment

Smart vending machines have come a long way from traditional myths.

Smart technological advancements and simple user interfaces have improved user experience. While today these are all myths, they were true at one point. The traditional vending machines did have limited products, were costly, required exact change and stored unhealthy foods. However, times have changed, and vending machines have overcome all these hurdles. This makes them the ideal option for fast on-the-go food solutions. Any vending machine operator struggling with these myths can request retrofitting from the manufacturers. This will equip the machine with the latest technology making it ideal and convenient.


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