State Bank of India (SBI) is one of the most popular and oldest Banks in India. The popularity of the bank comes from the trust that it has built among people over the years. The bank has been trolled several times on social media but that’s all because of the love everyone has for it.

And when you love something, you love to discuss everything about it. Similarly the logo of SBI has been a large topic of discussion since a long time now. There are many interpretations and assumptions about the same and there are many people who believe in them. I have always admired the blue logo for its simplistic design.

So like its own journey from Imperial Bank of India to an Indian multinational, public sector bank, the logo of SBI has also gone through many modifications to get the logo that it currently owns. So lets have a look at the journey of SBI logo.

Before turning into State Bank of India in 1955, the Imperial Bank of India has this logo. Although this logo officially does not accompanies a place in the list of SBI logos over the years.

Imperial Bank of India logo

The first logo of SBI came into being in 1955 when it got established

The big banyan tree on the logo signified strong roots of the bank and the branches of the tree growing in all directions depicted stability, success and growth of SBI.

SBI first logo

Current logo of State Bank of India

The current logo of SBI was designed by Shekhar Kamat from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. This logo was released on 1st October 1971, on the day of inauguration of the SBI Central office building at Backbay Reclamation, Bombay. The logo is designed with a blue circle with a small cut to the centre of the circle in the bottom.

SBI Logo

The current SBI logo is open to several interpretations, some of which are as follows:

1. The small circle and the vertical line with the blue background suggests a keyhole, symbolic of safety, security and strength.

SBI logo Meaning

2. The white circle in the centre denotes a State Bank of India Branch, the narrow line denotes the narrow lanes of towns and cities. In other words, a State Bank of India branch will be there to serve you, wherever you go.

SBI new logo meaning

3. The big circular form of the logo suggests unity and completeness. The small circle in the centre connotes that despite the bank’s size, it is the small man who holds the centre of the bank.

State bank Of India Logo meaning

4. The small white circle in the centre is like a stone thrown in the pond, and symbolizes that once a deposit is made with the State Bank, it has a ripple effect and the deposit grows and grows on its own leading to prosperity and happiness in life.

SBI logo hidden meaning

5. Another interesting aspect of SBI logo is that Shekhar Kamat designed it by taking inspiration from the Kankaria Lake in Ahmedabad. Just try zooming into the google maps and you will find the SBI logo.

SBI logo inspired by Kankaria Lake

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