People Gave It Back To News Anchors' Nonsense Savagely

The media is a social instrument with the capacity to shape, develop, or destroy society. It’s a power that, in the proper hands, could be turned into a lot of good. However, the social motive behind it has been lost in recent years. It is also important to keep such power in check, given its enormous societal influence. In today’s world, the lack of a well-defined system of laws regulating the media has increased in cases of invasion of personal privacy and a diversion from the media’s actual role in society. While the media’s presumptions based on facts should be protected, the misuse of the pen and camera should be denounced.

In every region of the world, I believe we can all agree that there should be checks and balances for the media. Yes, we made a blunder in that field. That’s why, we have a lot of anchors on TV saying and doing all kinds of ridiculous and nonsensical things, getting away with it.


However, there have been cases where individuals have returned it to them, and here are a few examples:

1. Sneha Dubey, India’s First Secretary to the United Nations, showed Anjana Om Kashyap the way out of her personal space on a live telecast.

She didn’t say anything, simply motioned for the anchor to leave. But there’s one thing we know about Anjana, it’s that she enjoys being in places where she doesn’t belong. Anyway, she had to leave this time with a red face.

2. When SRK used a single phrase to knock down Arnab Goswami

A star anchor who is known for his noisy debates. I find myself watching this video over and over again.


3. When on live television, Javed Akhtar advised Aaj Tak anchor Chitra Tripathi to be unbiased during news coverage.

4. When Navika Kumar requested Saif Ali Khan if Taimur could give a flying kiss to the viewers

Saif denied her request by telling her that Taimur was doing potty. Knowing Saif as a respected public figure, he might not have said it intending to roast her, but it’s iconic, and a must joke and meme material.

5. When Dr Syed Asad Abbas chastised Navika for displaying prejudice by single-outing Tablighi Jamaat for the transmission of coronavirus during the pandemic’s initial wave.

6. In a live debate, Mahua Moitra flashed Arnab Goswami the middle finger

He continued asking her to talk while yet refusing to let her speak, and Mahua couldn’t take it any longer.


7. Sania Mirza called out Rajdeep Sardesai for inquiring when she plans to “settle down,” indicating her pregnancy.

She questioned why becoming the world’s best doubles tennis player wasn’t “settled” enough?

8. Sunny Leone urged Bhupendra Chaubey that if he believes that interviewing her will damage his image, she may go.

This entire interview was a disgrace, and we are heartbroken that Sunny had to go through it.



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