After a two-year break, The Viral Fever, aka TVF, has premiered the second season of Panchayat. Season 2 delivered a story that was just as compelling as the first. Not only were the individual plots given new twists, but the story was also broadened, with a probable romantic angle thrown in for good measure.

Because of its rationality and narrative, which brings us to Phulera, it has been grabbing hearts. Panchayat has been a fan favourite due to its cheerful attitude, and anticipation for the second season has been increasing since it was announced that season 2 would be a reality.

Now that it has been turned into a reality, people went crazy on social media and are already speculating on season 3 plot, which hasn’t even been announced yet.

So, let’s find out some of the most intriguing theories about Panchayat season 3:

1. When Abhishek learns of his transfer, he attempts to get the order overturned

Abhishek has formed an affection for Phulera and its people, which has been built during the first two seasons. Season 2 closes with Manju Devi and Rinky getting their transfer orders, leaving the following season in suspense. Abhishek and the panchayat both want him to stay, and it appears like the rest of the season will be spent figuring out how to have the transfer cancelled.

Panchayat Season 3 Theories

2. Sachiv Jee gets transferred to another village

While the previous theory implies that Abhishek does not want to be moved easily, this theory suggests that he may accept his destiny and be transferred quickly in order to avoid making his own life more difficult. The uniqueness of this show is its likeness to the truth, and in actuality, anytime someone is transferred in a similar way, he or she accepts their destiny in the majority of cases.

abhishek tripathi panchayat

3. After losing his son in season 2, Prahlad is now back to his normal life

As we witnessed Prahlad receive the news about his son’s martyrdom in the last episode of season 2, it was surely a stunner that made us choke up. When his friends come to check on him after the final ceremonies, he is observed living alone in the house.

In a devastating scene, we witness him distraught about his son’s death, lamenting the fact that he is alone. And, in order to avoid being alone at home, the next season may depict him learning to cope with the loss while immersed in an office job.

Prahlad Chacha Panchayat

4. Prahlad may run for panchayat elections instead of Pradhan Ji and his wife

According to this theory, Prahlad may want to utilise his grief against those who want to exploit his son’s death for PR purposes. Yes, of course! That MLA is what I’m referring to. But the technical fault is that what was the reaction of Pradhan Ji and his wife to this? I believe that if it occurs, it was Pradhan Ji’s idea since they have such a strong bond.

However, I believe that there is also a second possibility and, according to it, Pradhan Ji and his family may indeed have been involved in an accident (done by an MLA) because they are now alone (Abhishek left the village while Prahlad is still not fully recovered from his grief), which led to Prahlad’s candidacy.

panchayat Season 3 story

5. Abhishek and Rinky are seen together more, and they approach one another about their feelings

Panchayat Season 2 also saw the beginning of Abhishek and Rinky’s not exactly love but definitely a story. While we all saw the chemistry and the fact that they like each other, season 2 didn’t show them talking about it.

Following Rinky’s discovery of Abhishek’s transfer, the following season may centre on their love story, which may entail a showdown over their feelings. However, this could be possible only if Abhishek made his way to Phulera village for more time.

Panchayat Season 2 Rinki

6. We find out who will be elected in the upcoming panchayat election

The battle between Bhushan and Pradhan Ji was also a major theme in this season. He and his wife are often meddling in local politics, insisting that the panchayat keep their commitments. And we can see how the pair may face off against Manju Devi in the forthcoming elections.

Both families appear to be thinking about winning the next election, which might become a greater focus in the next season, given the new means to win and the campaigning that goes along with it.

bhushan and wife panchayat

7. We will see how MLA supports Bhushan in the upcoming election

While the upcoming panchayat election is definitely a focus of next season, we will also see some evil scheming against Pradhan Ji and his team. It might be possible that MLA will give unwavering support to Bhushan, Pradhan Ji’s rival, in the form of a lot of money and manpower.

Panchayat Season 3 Plot

8. We see the MLA plotting against the whole village

Season 2 ends with wonderful suspense with Abhishek’s transfer orders, definitely ordered by MLA. The hatred between the two was well-established in a few episodes, and Manju Devi pushed the MLA to return from Rahul’s funeral ceremonies due to his behaviour with Pradhan Ji and his associates. He ought not to take this lightly after the missed PR chance, and he will undoubtedly take his anger out on the whole village.

Vidhayak Jee Panchayat Season 3

9. Bhusan will side with the whole village, including Pradhan Ji

While most people expect Bhushan to have a negative role in the third season, one theory that comes to my mind is that if the seventh theory comes true, we could get to experience Bhushan’s character development. In fact, during Rahul’s death rites, Bhushan’s wife was among the crowd who prevented the MLA from entering the village.

Bhusan panchayat web series

10. Bhushan’s wife will win the election, and Abhishek will lose the autonomy he had during Pradhan Ji’s wife’s tenure

While most people believed Pradhan Ji’s wife would win again, there is a chance she may lose this time. If this occurs, Abhishek would be forced to work for Bhushan, who despises him owing to his friendship with Pradhan Ji. We may see Abhishek’s new journey as a Sachiv of the sort of Pradhan who dislikes him.

Bhusam Wife Panchayat

11. Abhishek takes his MBA test once more, and we get the results

In both the first and second seasons, Abhishek prepares for his CAT attempt. With all of this build-up, the producers may decide to show him taking the competitive exam once more. Given that, we will also learn about the results. Abhishek will either pass the exam and continue working as the panchayat secretary, or he will drop out.

abhishek tripathi panchayat

12. We may see Abhishek pass the exam and go to MIT

I think that Abhishek might pass the exam this time and get into his favourite university, which is MIT. As a result, he will have to leave Phulera with teary eyes. And the new Sachiv enters the village.

Season 3 panchayat

13. After a few years, Abhishek may return to Phulera

If the 12th theory is proved true, we may expect a joyful finish to this series, with Abhishek, now an MIT graduate and unquestionably a successful young man, returning to Phulera after several years as he still misses the village. We could also witness how Abhishek will utilise his rural experience to help other villages, and how he will demonstrate to juniors how his life has altered since moving to Phulera.

Jitendra Kumar Panchayat Village
Jitendra Kumar/Instagram

14. Rinky is given more screen time, and we learn more about her choices and ambitions

Pradhan ji daughter Rinky has been depicted as a responsible daughter who understands her parents’ situation. We haven’t seen much of her true nature, though. In the 2nd season’s episode, Abhishek also mentions that she doesn’t have a job and then corrects himself to avoid seeming disrespectful.

So far, we’ve seen Pradhan Ji and Manju Devi seeking a match for their daughter’s wedding, and the next season might focus on Rinky’s work life and goals, with an emphasis on her own choices. At least, that’s our hope.

Rinki Panchayat Season 3

We are waiting for season 3 eagerly.