Neeraj Chopra Gives Perfect Reply To Europeans Who Asked If “Indians Return Their Parents’ Money”

At the time when Neeraj Chopra first held a javelin in his hands in the year 2011, no one, not even he, could anticipate how it would change India’s destiny at the Olympics.

Because he was overweight, Neeraj’s family encouraged him to participate in sports, so that he could lose some weight. A cricket and volleyball lover just used the javelin as a kind of entertainment to get in shape at first. He would not have even considered the possibility of bringing Olympic glory to the country.


But in 2013, Neeraj underwent a significant transformation and began to pursue his sport more seriously. As a result, India’s Olympic hero, Neeraj Chopra, has therefore emerged as India’s “X-Factor,” not only in athletics but also on a number of international platforms.

Whatever he achieved has become the talk of the town all over the world. However, despite earning so much, he is still connected to his roots, and people respect him for it.

Whether it is about continuing to talk in Hindi and refusing to accept assistance from English-speaking superstars during performances or being down to earth while interacting with his fans, he has always left the impression of being “too Indian.”

neeraj chopra olympics gold

Continuing the same thing, the Indian javelin thrower recently responded to questions from Europeans about Indian parenting styles with the ideal response

In an interview with the Indian Express, Neeraj Chopra described his training experience outside of India and shared a fascinating fact about Europeans.


He said in 2016, while he was in Spala, Poland, some Europeans allegedly questioned him about whether Indian kids often repay the money their parents paid for raising them once they start earning money on their own.

In his reply to this, he informed them about India’s cultural differences from Europe and said that Indian children live with their parents even after growing up.

Talking with Indian Express, he said,

They ask if you have to return the money parents spend on raising their children after they start earning. I tell them it’s different here. I think it’s only in our culture that even after growing up we live with our parents as kid.

Neeraj Chopra World Athletics Championships

He added that their viewpoints on family are entirely different from ours

Contrary to how many Indian families are structured, it is common for children to live separately from their parents when they reach maturity in western countries. They frequently get together for meals or coffee once a week, maybe even once a month.

Eventually, they could even stop being a family and just start being “familiar” with one another.

Apart from this, Neeraj also disclosed in an interview that, despite earning several awards in the year, he lost control of his diet after winning the Olympic gold medal and now he is back to his training.


Let me tell you that for Neeraj Chopra, 2022 has been a fantastic year. In addition to earning the silver medal at the World Athletics Championships, he twice broke the national record for javelin throw. Soon after this, his achievement at the Diamond League championship in Zurich was the cherry on top for him.

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Now, his season for this year has come to a conclusion with the Diamond League championship, and he is currently concentrating on the activities for the next year.