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In a society that is steeped in the concept of conservatism, we do not often come across women that age so brave and spectacular. But as is said, ‘you never know situations’ are always there. Yes, today we will be talking about one such Indian woman who despite living in a society that is filled with traditionalist ideologies defied all such norms and became a mother out of wedlock and got married when she really fell in love and felt it is about time she marries the love of her life.

This one is about one of the bravest actors and star icons of the Bollywood industry, this one is about none other than Neena Gupta.


Beginning of Neena’s journey

Born in the year 1959, the Bollywood industry was unaware of the fact that they were soon to be bestowed upon by an extraordinarily talented woman. She studied at the Lawrence School Sanawar and did her bachelor’s study at Delhi’s Janki Devi College where she pursued acting.

By the time she cracked her interview with the National School of Drama she never looked back in her life and continued towards the part of her bright acting career.

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Neena Gupta’s acting career

Just at the mere age of 23, she began her acting career. She did several side roles which gave her quite a bit of recognition in the industry. It was in the year 1980 that she started acting on T.V. too, it was the time when soap operas started to be made and were broadcasted by Doordarshan. The roles that she played were memorable and path-breaking.

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Neena’s love life

Her love life was more like a roller coaster ride which at first had more downs than ups. Her first-ever public affair was with the famous Indian film and television star Alok Nath. It was a short-lived one and eventually, both went on their own separate ways.


The next popular affair of hers was with the son of famous vocalist, Shaarang Dev. They were engaged and were about to get married but to her dismay, Shaarang Dev broke off the marriage. To say Neena was devasted like anything during the early 1980s would sure be an understatement.


Friends since 1975, Neena Gupta and Satish Kaushik, in her recently launched autobiography Sach Kahun Toh, Neena Gupta revealed that when she was pregnant with her daughter, Masaba Gupta, the fashion designer. Filmmaker Satish Kaushik offered to marry her.

neena gupta satish kaushik

Link with an infamous West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards

In the late 1980s came a time when things were supposed to take a big change rather a big toll on her life when the West Indies cricket team came to India. The then captain of the West Indies cricket team, Vivian Richards who at that time was not only married but also had two kids was furtively well known as a philanderer. He became Neena Gupta’s lover.

neena gupta vivian richards

The affair that began between Neena Gupta and Viv Richards sure was a casual one but things began to take a serious turn when Neena was spotted with a baby bump.

What here is inspiring is that despite every conservative remark and comment, Neena still was adamant about her decision of keeping the baby, even if she had to do the caring all on her own she still was very firm with this resolution.

viv richards and masaba

Neena gave birth to Masaba Gupta

At the age of 30, she gave birth to a daughter and named her Masaba Gupta, who a lot of us today know as a famous Indian fashion designer who is not just a beautiful and confident woman but also has her own label called House of Masaba.


Neena was a single unmarried mother and her confidence and boldness were like a slap to all those folks who claimed a child out of marriage is the end.


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When Vivian Richards got to know about it all he tried his best to be a part of his daughter’s life. He sure has received nasty comments but the sufferings that Neena went through were beyond Vivian’s experience.


Neena’s quest for work after giving birth

Whatever pain Neena experienced in her life still did not make her give up on her acting career. It sure was tough but her post where she mentions that ‘I live in Mumbai and working as a good actor looking for good parts to play’ strengthens the point about her love and passion for her acting career and her attitude of not giving up.


She continued to find work that would showcase her true potential. By 1994 she won two national awards. She continued working hard to work more. Her cameo in Sardar Ka Grandson garnered a lot of praise recently.

sardar ka grandson neena gupta

The time when she finally found her true love

Neena got the success she craved but her life still was a little lonely until she met a Delhi-based Chartered Accountant, Vivek Mehra on a flight where they instantly made a beautiful connection. They were happily in a relationship for about 6 years and in 2008 they decided it was about time to give this relationship a permanent name.

Vivek had everything well planned to propose to his beloved Neena for marriage, it was just for her to say yes which she of course did.

neena gupta vivek mehra

Neena’s amazing second innings

Neena’s hunt for better work was not an easy ride but then came a time which came to become in a true sense a big break for her when she was cast for a super hit film ‘Badhaai Ho’. This film made her win her first-ever Filmfare award.


In 2020 she starred as herself in the Netflix original series Masaba Masaba. At the age of 62, she finally printed her very own autobiography Sach Kahun Toh. She finally got the success that she deserved from day one.

neena gupta Sach Kahun Toh

If this is not what we all call an inspiring, brave, and heartening life story then I don’t know what is. Neena is a flag bearer of unleashing stereotypes of a single unmarried mother who is said to be nothing but a disgrace to society. Neena’s extraordinary life gives every ordinary woman hope to trust their own self a little more and fight for what they think is right for themselves.