Most Expensive House In Mumbai

Mumbai has always been something a lot of us dream of when we think of the most happening place in India. Just the way it is happening and very fun to live in so is the cost of living there. Mumbai is a paradigm for the city of aspirations, dreams, and constant hope. India’s financial hub, the city that never really sleeps, the city that homes the dreams of millions of people, where people create just to entertain the rest of the country, is also home to some of the world’s wealthiest individuals.

Below we have listed some of the most expensive homes in Mumbai:


1. Antilia – Rs 12,000 crores.

Mukesh Ambani, one of India’s wealthiest men, owns Antilia. It is the world’s second-most valuable house, nestled on Altamount Road.

The opulent 27-story structure features an 80-seat theatre, nine high-speed lifts, three helipads, a salon, an ice cream shop, a pool, and a gymnasium, among other amenities. The whole house is looked after by more than 100 people.


Antilia Facts

2. JK House – Rs. 6000 crores

It is situated in Mumbai’s Breach Candy district and was acquired by Raymond, Chairman and Chief Gautam Singhania. The JK home, which spans 6,000 square feet, has 30 floors, six of which have been dedicated to parking. Raymond is also in the same house. Imagine having so many cars that you need six floors for parking.

Most Expensive Homes In Mumbai - jk house

3. Abode – Rs. 5000 crores

Anil Ambani owns Abode, which is situated in Pali Hill in Bandra. The house has all of the elevated amenities, including a swimming pool, a gymnasium, large storage shed, and a helicopter pad with a few helicopters. The size of this beautiful home is reported to be 16,000 square feet with a height of 66 metres.

Most Expensive Houses In India

4. Lincoln House – Rs. 750 crore.

Billionaire Cyrus Poonawalla owns Lincoln House, a 50,000-square-foot historical house on Mumbai’s billionaire row at 78 Bhulabhai Desai Road. The lovely coastal villa sits in Mumbai’s Breach Candy neighborhood. Cyrus Poonawalla owns one of the most costly heritage houses in Mumbai. Though there are a few issues that are still going on regarding the house, well, it is soothing to the eyes to see such a marvelous creation.

Expensive house In Mumbai -Lincoln House

5. Jatia House – Rs. 425 crores

The Jatia home, perched atop Malabar Hill and overlooking the Arabian Sea, is a beautiful adobe. The 30,000 square foot property is owned by Kumar Mangalam Birla, the chairman of the renowned Aditya Birla Group.


The mansion has 20 bedrooms, the main atrium, and a private garden with a reservoir, among other features. It can also accommodate 500–700 people for entertainment.

India’s Most Expensive Bungalow -Lincoln House

6. Mannat – Rs 200 crores.

Shah Rukh Khan, the one who practically rules Bollywood, calls Mannat his home. It is one of India’s most opulent residences, and it is situated in Bandra. Six floors, a gym, a swimming pool, a private movie theatre, office spaces, a balcony, a courtyard, a reading room, and a personal amphitheatre are among the bungalow’s features.

SRK house Mannat- Expensive house in Mumbai

7. Ratan Tata’s Retirement Home – Rs 150 crore

Like his personality, Ratan Tata’s Colaba superannuation house is stylish and comfortable. The pristine white bungalow has a sun porch, an infinity pool, a video area, a reading room, and a private gymnasium and is 13,350 square feet.

Ratan Tata's Retirement Home

8. Gulita – Rs. 452 crores

Anand Piramal’s parents, Ajay and Swati Piramal gave him the wedding present of Gulita, a wedding present that spans 5,00,000 square feet in Mumbai’s ultra-premium Worli neighborhood.


The opulent property, which faces the Arabian Sea, also has a stunning view of the Bandra-Worli sea link. Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal live in this colossal mansion. The Worli-sea-face mansion has five floors, three basements, a wide lawn, and a pool, among other amenities.

Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal house Gulita

9. Jalsa – Rs. 120 crores

The property was previously titled “Mansa,” which means “emperor,” when Amitabh Bachchan purchased it in the early 1980s. On the advice of an astrologer, the estate’s name was eventually changed to Jalsa.

Amitabh Bachchan, the legendary actor, owns Jalsa and resides there with his family members. The two-story bungalow was given to Big B by Satte Pe Satta filmmaker Ramesh Sippy and is situated in Mumbai’s Juhu neighborhood.

expensive house mumbai - Jalsa Amitabh Bachchan