Maya Tata - Ratan Tata Niece

The next generation of Tata is rarely seen in the public limelight and usually work within the group leading low-profile lives. However, three Tata siblings were recently onboarded by Ratan Tata at Tata Medical Centre Trust. This significant move definitely gave prominence to these Tata Group heirs. The youngest heir of them all is 34-year-old Maya Tata.

Who will be Ratan Tata’s successor?

Ratan Tata, after decades of holding the reins of one of India’s largest and most successful groups, has announced that he would be stepping down. Who would succeed someone as iconic as Tata? People thought Noel Tata, the younger half-brother of Ratan Tata, to be a contender back then.


He shares the name and also a marked family resemblance too. But Ratan Tata did not see Noel as fit to be the successor. In an interview in 2011, he said Noel wasn’t ready to shoulder the responsibility and should have had “greater responsibility than he has had”.

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Who is Maya Tata?

She is the youngest of the three children of Noel Tata. They have all been working in different capacities within the Tata Group. As per reports, Maya has completed her education at the UK’s Bayes Business School and the University of Warwick. Her mother is Aloo Mistry who is the sister of former Tata Group Chairman Cyrus Mistry and daughter of late billionaire Pallonji Mistry.

Maya Tata has two siblings, Leah Tata and Neville Tata. Reportedly all three of them were approved as new members of the board by Ratan Tata and are apparently being groomed by the legendary business tycoon himself. They are supposed to lead the multi-billion dollar salt-to-software conglomerate.

Noel Tata
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Maya Tata began her career with Tata Opportunities Fund

It was the oldest private equity fund of Tata Group subsidiary Tata Capital until it got closed. As per the reports of the Economic Times Maya used to handle portfolio management and investor relations at the fund.


The abrupt closure of the fund compelled her to change teams and move to Tata Digital. The company whose N Chandrasekaran-led group has earmarked Rs 1,000 crore. Reportedly, her father Noel Tata wanted Maya to stay with the group moving forward. During her time at Tata Digital, the subsidiary launched the Tata Neu app.

Maya Tata

As per ET reports a person close to the Group said that Maya has “considerable interest” in “new age analytics and technology”. She is amongst the six members on the board of the Tata Medical Centre Trust which manages a Kolkata-based cancer hospital that was inaugurated by Ratan Tata himself in 2011.


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