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While watching Kota Factory, we all wish that we had a teacher like Jeetu Bhaiya in our life. Jeetu Bhaiya was not just a teacher to his students but a life coach when the going gets tough. He understands the hardships of students as he hasn’t been through them once.

His empathetic nature and calm demeanor has made him one of the most loved fictional character of Indian web series universe. After watching Kota Factory season 2, we came across a number of moments where Jeetu Bhaiya talked to us heart to heart. He gave us the life lessons that are hard to find in even in pricey life guides in the market.


Here are few life lessons delivered directly from heart by Jeetu Bhaiya.

1. When Vernali comes running to Jeetu Bhaiya telling that she doesn’t want to appear in IIT-JEE Advance

Since her mains rank is good enough to get her into any NIT, he draws an interesting analogy.

He asks if you like Shahid Kapoor, can you settle for Hrithik Roshan’s poster? He tells her why to settle for less in life when you can’t do the same for your favourite hero.

“Ladko me chota dream nahi karna hai, par life me karna hai”

jeetu bhaiya dialogue

2. Jeetu Bhaiya tells Bablu to invests on comfortable seating instead of marketing gimmicks

Jeetu Bhaiya being an ex-IITian, knows exactly how it feels to sit on a hard chair for two hours straight. It shows that Jeetu Bhaiya not just wants his students to succeed, but he makes sure that he makes the path as comfortable as he can.


“Publicity hum nahi result karega. Reception thoda chhota karva aur class mein woh comfortable chairs lagva bacho ke liye woh bench type aata hai na woh mat lagvana. 2 ghante ki lecture hoti hai bacho ki. Kamar akad jaati hai.”

Jeetu Bhaiya Advice

3. Tumhara focus teachers nahi, IIT hona chahiye

When Vaibhav, Meena and Uday rushes to Jeetu Bhaiya complaining about their new inorganic teacher, he explains them they should focus on IIT not on teachers.

“IIT concave mirror ki tarah ki hoti hai, chahe uske kitna bhi paas chale jao, kitna bhi. Uske andar tab tak nahi ghus paoge jab tak iss point ko cross na kar lo. This point.”

jeetu bhaiya Life lessons

4. Jeetu Bhaiya asks his students to stop using the word ‘Dream’ for IIT

Dreams can only be had in our sleep, but only aim can be achieved in real life. Golden words!

“Ek toh yeh word use karna chhodo tum ‘sapna’. Ise use karne ka matlab hai ki pehle maan chuke ho kuch hona jaana toh hai nahi, dekhne ki cheez hai dekh li. Aim bolna shuru karo. Aim. Sapne dekhe jaate hai aim achieve kiye jaate hai.”

Quotes by jeetu bhaiya

5. When Vernali tells Jeetu Bhaiya that it’s easy for him to tell everyone to appear for IIT because he is an IIT-ian

Jeetu Bhaiya doesn’t agree with the common phrase these days, ‘be yourself’. Instead he focuses that we should always try to better ourselves.

“Mere liye aasan yeh bol dena hai ki ‘Be Yourself’. Par satya ye hai ki you should always try to better yourself.”

Best Quotes by jeetu bhaiya

6. Jeetu Bhaiya on ma#turbat!on

Jeetu Bhaiya is not just physics teacher to his students. Instead, he is a mentor that youngsters need when they are away from home. When Meena feels guilty about ma#turbat!ng, he counsels him that it is not a wrong thing to do.


“Main bhi karta hoon. Koi paap thode hai. Jaise apne saare natural rituals hote hai, khane, peene, sone, sabka time hota hai, iska bhi hoga. Yeh kabhi bhi, kahin bhi nahi hoga. Routine ka part hoga aur jab hoga isko leke guilty feel nahi karna hai, depress nahi hona hai.”

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jeetu bhaiya dialogue Kota Factory

7. Jeetu bhaiya brings Sarika on boards to give female students confidence that girls can also crack IIT

Jeetu Bhaiya ropes in Sarika as one of his faculties to boost confidence of girl students who have never been around a female IITian. He says,

“Girls students ko kaafi confidence milega. Hum log girls ko aage baithate to hai lekin phir bhi wo out of place feel karti hai. Unki khud ki mental image of an IIT-ian is that of a boy. Aur woh confidence aayeg bhi kaise agar aaj tak unhone ko female IIT-ian dekhi na ho.”

jeetu bhaiya Life lessons Kota Factory

8. When Vartika skips the test telling that she was not fully prepared for the subject

Jeetu Bhaiya said,

“Gyaan toh kisi bhi cheez ka 100% hone se raha. In fact koi topic kacha bhi ho toh class ke sath aage badh jao, expertise aati rahegi time ke sath, experience ke sath.”

Jeetu Bhaiya Dialogues Kota Factory Season 2

9. When Meenal says that moving along with the class is just peer pressure

Jeetu Bhaiya asserts that peer pressure is a good thing unless you have bad peers.

“Peer pressure toh achchi cheez hai bas tumhare peers bewakoof nahi hone chahiye. Phir raho pressure mein, fayda hi hoga.”

Kota Factory Life lessons

10. Jeetu Bhaiya asks ill Vaibhav to call his mother to Kota to take care of him

When the latter makes excuses, he says that an entire family should understand the seriousness of IIT-JEE. When a child is appearing for JEE, the family is appearing for JEE.


“JEE sirf bachcha nahi, poori family deti hai”

Kota Factory Season 2 Quotes

11. When a disheartened parent comes to Jeetu Bhaiya during webinar that his child is upset that he didn’t clear IIT

Jeetu bhaiya counsels the father that he should be happy that his child is upset. He says that his child is upset because he was serious about IIT, he was responsible.

“Sir celebrate kijiye ki aapka bacha udaas hai. Udaas hai kyunki serious tha. Serious tha kyunki zimmedaar tha. An 18 ki umar mein aapka bacha zimmedaar ho gaya hai, bada goal set karke lad raha hai, yeh toh aapki parenting safal hui.”

Kota Factory Season 2 Jeetu Bhaiya Dialogues

12. Agar aapko lagta hai koi tragedy nahi hui hai, toh kamse kam aap toh normal dikhiye

Jeetu Bhaiya asks a parent to tell his child that he’s proud of him. He says,

“Agar aapko sach me lagta hai ki koi tragedy nahi hui hai toh kam se kam aap toh normal dikhiye. Agar Aapke haath kaanpna bandh ho jayenge toh woh bhi normal ho jayega.”

Kota Factory Season 2 Dialogues

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