Mehndi design easy and beautiful

Making beautiful and easy mehndi designs on her hand is always a dream of most women. But unfortunately, most of the women didn’t do it because for some people it’s a difficult task and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Do you also think like that?

Well, to be honest, it’s not rocket science if you practice it with the right technique. Begin with simple patterns and work your way up as your confidence grows. You may either do it yourself or ask a buddy to offer a hand for a short period. Once you’ve got everything ready, it’ll take you less than 30 minutes to make an exquisite and lovely design.


To begin, here are a few examples of simple and easy mehndi designs:

1. Indo-Arabic design

Take a look at this easy Indo-Arabic design, which uses a variety of motifs to embellish the palm. It’s perfect for intimate parties like family reunions, traditional pujas, or even a wedding of a close friend.

Easy Mehndi Design Indo Arabic

2. Three-part simple mehndi design

This is a basic Mehndi pattern done in three pieces on the palm that looks lovely and graceful. This easy mehndi design does not have a specific motif. Instead, exquisite designs have been added to sections of the palm, which have then been defined with a consistent leaf outline on all three parts.

Easy Mehndi Design three-part

3. Hand ornament easy mehndi design

All you have to do now is learn thick strokes, curves, and circles, and you’re good to go! With your cone in hand, you’re ready to make this. To get a minimalistic look, make it appear more spacious and tidy.


Easy mehndi Hand ornament design

4. Lotus paisley design

All of Hinduism’s key symbols, such as the Lotus, the Mango Paisley, flowers, and leaves, are featured in this beautiful design. It incorporates all of the basic components to create this gorgeous Mehendi art.

Easy Mehndi Design Lotus Paisley

5. Symmetrical beauty design

To master the art of mehndi, one must also understand the subtleties of symmetry. Symmetry gives mehndi a professional look. Draw a semi-mandala on the wrist region as a final touch.

easy mehndi designs for hand

6. Two motifs easy backhand mehndi design

The back of the hand is covered in peacock motifs and flowers with round points, forming an amazing band that extends from the wrist to the index finger. If your mehndi cone cooperates, you’ll have the cleanest design.

Easy Mehndi design two motifs

7. Traditional easy mehndi design

The paisleys and flower pattern didn’t catch our attention in this traditional design. The use of shade to fill in the vacant areas, on the other hand, impressed us. This may be applied to the palms and backs of your hands.


paisleys and flower pattern mehndi designs

8. Floral design

It’s a pretty simple design with a stunning result. You only need to draw some flowers, a few leaves, and some twisted up vines. With the cluster of flowers and vines, the design appears extremely unique and eye-catching. This is a mehndi mehndi design easy and beautiful.

Easy mehndi design floral

9. Khafif design

Khafif mehndi patterns have their own unique charm and appeal. This is the most up-to-date mehndi design. All the innovative young spirits out there will adore this design. This design goes well with both indo-western and non-indo-western clothes.

khafif mehndi designs

10. Teardrop easy backhand mehndi design design

We really like how each drop is defined, and how the area between them is gently colored. When worn on outings as well as on some workplace occasions, a mehndi pattern with dual shades looks stunning.

Easy mehendi design

11. Mandala mehndi design

The mandala design is not only auspicious, but also simple to create, beautiful to look at, and could be drawn in a variety of ways. You may also write a name next to the design. Use the end of the cone to add minor features like dots for a unique appearance.

Mandala mehndi designs

12. Lace pattern design

Until now, you’ve only seen the lace pattern on the backhand mehndi design. So, let us show you a easy hand mehndi design that incorporates a lace pattern on the palms. You can also add fairy lights kind of design as a lace.


Lace pattern mehndi design

13. Leafy flower design

It’s a flowery mehndi pattern with larger blooms and well-defined leaves, making it really beautiful. Similarly, flower and leaf motifs would be used in different sizes. With repeating patterns, the design is basic and subtle.

Easy Mehndi Design leafy flower

14. Heart design

This mehndi pattern is basic, straightforward, and beautiful. It makes use of hearts that have a tinge of affection in them. You may also put the initials of anyone’s name in the heart’s core.

Easy Mehndi Design - Heart

15. Climber design

This easy mehndi design is made up of a simple climber that looks very lovely! This mehndi design is appropriate for any event and would look wonderful on people of all ages.

easy Mehndi design Climber
Amrita Henna

16. Fashionable designs

This fashionable mehndi pattern may be applied by anyone for any occasion and would look great on young women. Ideal for college parties, festivals, and other special events! This is a mehndi design easy and beautiful with a fresh feel to it. For all newbies, this is a must-try.

Easy Mehndi designs fashionable

17. Rose beauty designs

The lovely colored flowers are incredibly easy to draw in this stunning rose mehndi pattern. This can be applied to the palms and backs of your hands. It’ll give you a beauty salon impression with very little effort!


Easy Mehndi designs rose

18. Criss-cross design

You may use this criss-cross patterned easy mehndi design for an engagement party or a friend’s wedding if you want a charming design. This style is ideal if you want to attempt something new that isn’t too cluttered but still beautiful.

criss cross mehndi design

19. Thick outline design

This easy backhand mehndi design is ingeniously made with a few interconnected semi-flower motifs, leaves, dots, and little fishnet designs, and is a fantastic example of mehndi designs easy and simple.

Easy Mehndi design thick outline

20. Floral tikki design

This basic flower mandala mehndi pattern is easy to make and looks great. A delicate beetle leaf pattern on all edges complements the central flower. The use of a funky centre for these large blooms gives the entire design a unique appearance.

floral tikki design mehndi
Mehndi Designs By Maryam/Facebook

21. Contemporary easy mehndi design

Give this modern branching out floral mehndi pattern a try to set a new standard. This is a one-of-a-kind and unusual item. Give this design a try if you want to catch people’s attention. It’s basic but elegant.

Easy Mehndi design contemporary

22. Lotus bell design

This trendy mehndi pattern is both beautiful and basic. It’s a simple yet exquisite pattern that starts with little paisleys on the index finger and runs down to the wrist, finishing with delicate and lovely dangling lotuses.


Easy Mehndi design lotus bell
Amrita Henna

23. Finger adorning designs

Finger mehndi patterns are really popular these days. These mehndi designs easy and simple appeal to people of all ages. This symmetrical mehndi pattern on your fingers is ideal for a classy look for your buddy’s wedding celebrations.

finger adorning Mehndi design

24. Haathphool designs

These lovely and simple mehndi patterns give the impression that you’re wearing a haathphool. For amateurs, this is a must-try design since it is a mehndi design easy and beautiful, with a modern twist.

hathphool Mehndi design

25. Minimal henna easy mehndi designs

These easy mehndi designs are easy to make and requires less henna than other kinds of designs. They’re basic, but they’re incredibly fashionable! Here’s an example of a concept that takes the “minimal henna” aesthetic to a whole new level.

Easy mehndi designs minimal henna

26. Nature-inspired designs

This lovely and delicate easy mehndi pattern with flowers and jaalis is easy to make but does not appear such. The appeal of the design may be gauged by the fact that even today’s brides are opting for it.

Nature-inspired Mehndi design

27. Dotted easy mehndi designs

Beginners will love how basic and uncomplicated these mehndi designs easy and simple with beautiful tiny dots are. The design is basic and modest, with simple dotted repeated patterns serving as the focal point.


Dotted Mehndi design

28. Cool zigzag design

The circles in this design are linked together to produce a chain effect. The zigzag patterns are made with fingers and enhance the design. In the lowest section, simply a few betel-nut leaves were utilized.

easy mehndi designs for girls

29. Peacock design

It’s a lovely and elegant Arabic mehndi design with peacock-like motifs. The entire palm is covered with distinct designs that add to its beauty. It’s ideal for festivals and events such as Karwa Chauth and Diwali.

Peacock Mehndi design

30. Arabic-mughlai design

The shaded flowers and leaves pattern in this Arabic- Mughlai inspired mehndi design is fast and easy to implement. The overall easy mehndi design is lavish and opulent-looking. This elegant mehndi design is ideal for brides who wish to strike a balance between tradition and modernity in their wedding.

Top easy mehndi design

31. Crochet design

The crochet-like pattern is pleasing to the eye. Beginners and experts alike will enjoy this extremely modern and western-looking easy mehndi design. To complete the look, it may be paired with Indo-western and other traditional clothes. It is an easy mehndi design but includes a lot of detailing.

Simple Easy mehndi design



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