If we talk about isolation or retirement from any sport, it comes with numerous outcomes. As shortly as you departed from any game, you’re not lingering on the court, and no one considers it. Well, with time, the cricketers have obtained diverse career opportunities after retirement. Some enhance themselves as a mentor, and some remain to execute club crickets or adjudicate some other pleasures like golf, etc. But some fascinating cricketers disembarked up practicing individual businesses after they say farewell to the amusement of cricket.

The variety of positions on they’re working is incomparably away from their standards and recognition that they had experienced when every one of them was representing their nations respectively.

Recently, we have detected a retired off-spinner Arshad Khan from Pakistan, operating an Uber taxi in Sydney to subsist his life. The system was overwhelmed by this story. It was difficult to understand that one retired international player is running a Taxi like other emigrants from Pakistan and India. It was the most disturbing appearance of performing cricket, and not everybody can grow as a headliner.

Let’s have a look at these seven cricketers who are living their rest of life in the misery and struggling to earn enough income to run their living experience!

1. Henry Olonga, Zimbabwe- Singer

Chronicle memorizes Henry Olonga frequently for his famous conflict with the great Sachin Tendulkar throughout a tri-series in the 2000s. The energetic Zimbabwean pacer had dressed the abundance of the batting ravishment during the group stages of that competition with Olonga at his belligerent best. Considered as the most dashing bowler in Zimbabwe during the 1990s, Olonga was the preeminent black cricketer to represent his nation.

During the 2003 World Cup, his government was transpiring through a legislative confusion, and then Flower and Olonga announced the resignation as they underwent death intimidations. The disturbance at that time also forced Olonga to change his home, given the unstable environment at home. Henry Olonga tried his luck in the world of music and released an album in 2006 called Aurelia.

Henry Olonga, Zimbabwe

2. Arshad Khan, Pakistan- Cab driver in Sydney

Former Pakistani off-break bowler Arshad Khan took total of 164 wickets in 9 Tests and 58 ODIs. Until, 2001 he was a regular bowler of the team but was later dropped. He made a comeback in 2005 against England but couldn’t make a permanent space in team. In 2006 he announced his retirement and now as per media reports of 2015, he is working as a cab driver in Australia.

arshad khan cricketer

3. Chris Lewis, England- Serving imprisonment

Chris Lewis played 32 Tests for England and picked 93 wickets with three five wickets haul. Later on her failed to prove his worth. Lewis played his last match against Pakistan in 1996. In the later years he attained a criminal status and he had to serve 13 years imprisonment in 2009 after he was accused of smuggling liquid cocaine.

chris lewis

4. Chris Cairns, New Zealand- Bus shelter washer

Talking about one of the most prominent and skilled all-rounders in the 1990s, New Zealand’s Chris Cairns astonished the entire world with his batting and bowling skills as he had secured 218 wickets in the Test format and 201 wickets in ODI format.

He took retirement from cricket in 2006 due to lingering joint damage, and after that, his life started being troublesome. He has suffered a legitimate contention for the inclined case with contaminated IPL Chairman Lalit Modi and affirmed derelict in a match-fixing suit. And, he is now going through some difficult circumstances as he was detected managing bus screens and compelling vehicles for the Auckland Municipal Council as well as running his work in a restaurant. Cairns’ situation is the worst among all former cricketers of his generation, and he is still fighting to feed his family.

Chris Cairns newZeland

5. Brett Schultz, South Africa- Economist

One of the outstanding bowlers, Schultz could have been the foremost bowlers if not for closed knee fractures which diminished his Test profession to just nine caps. Schultz started his career against the sightseeing Indians in the 1992-93 season with reasonable resolution.

Brett Schultz was a fast bowler from South Africa who developed an outstanding combination with Allan Donald. Schultz was a productive player in South Africa’s maiden Test series triumph over Sri Lanka in which he secured 20 wickets. However, widespread damages pushed him to resign the sport and proceed with a profession in economics. Currently, he is working as one of the companies associates in a South African organization called Economist.

Brett Schultz, South Africa

6. Chris Harris, New Zealand- Pharmaceutical spokesperson

One more prominent all-rounders in the table, Chris Harris was an excellent game player of New Zealand and formed a militant trademark in the history of cricket in the 1990s. Talking about this aggressive and talented professional, Harris had represented his nation in 23 Tests and 250 ODIs and secured a sum of 5,519 runs and ended up his career with 218 wickets.

But the all-rounder has converted a pharmaceutical spokesperson for an Australian company Orthotech, a dispenser of orthopedic appliances for bones and joints, spinal devices, pedicle fasteners and enclosures for the spinal coalition to orthopedic neurosurgeons.

Chris Harris, New Zealand

7. Eddo Brandes, Zimbabwe- Runs tomato farm

Famously recognized as the chicken breeder, Brandes extended into the hall of fame after frolicking England to an opprobrious disappointment at the 1992 World Cup in Albury, Australia. At that time, he became the matures ever pacer to earn a hat-trick in ODI format. He accomplished the achievement against England at the mature old period of 33.

A valuable lower-order batsman, Brandes could produce the ball a whack. His method was moderately immeasurable, as shown when he secured a hundred at first-class cricket in South Africa. He operates a tomato garden on the Sunshine Coast. The chicken farmer turned cricketer now runs a tomato farm on the Sunshine Coast for a living.

Eddo Brandes

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