Creative Proposal via keyboard

We live in a world where social media is a part of everyone’s day-to-day life.  Social media dominates the majority of people’s life. Thus we get to see interesting stories all the time. In today’s viral social media stories, the one we are going to talk about is a special and heartfelt one. So a girlfriend took to Twitter to speak in praise of her boyfriend’s creative way of proposing to her. The unique proposal has garnered the attention of many online. Furthermore, it is safe to say that the way in which he asked her to be his girlfriend will definitely move your heart. Even if you are not the romantic type of person.

If you are curious to know about how the man proposed to his now girlfriend then you are at the right place. Read on to enlighten yourself.


“I’ll never shut up about this,” wrote a woman in praise of her boyfriend’s love proposal

Proposing to the person you love is one of the most memorable things. It becomes all the more memorable if it’s done in a special manner. Recently, a woman took to Twitter and shared how her now-boyfriend proposed to her. Apparently, her boyfriend proposed to her with a keyboard. In the tweet, the woman wrote as we quote,

“I’ll never shut up about this. He proposed to me to be his girlfriend with a keyboard.”

In the tweet, you can see the two photos, one of a happy couple, and the other where you can see a keyboard. On the keyboard, the keys were arranged in a manner that it read,

“Be My Girlfriend Sayang?”

Unique proposal idea

With such a cute and innovative idea of proposing how can one say no to it?


You would be astounded to note that so far the Twitter post has amassed 24.6 million views, 30.3 thousand retweets, and 280.6 thousand likes. I mean why not? Just look at how cute the whole idea of proposing was. It was way unique compared to the conventional ways of giving chocolates and roses. No wonder the Tweet grabbed eyeballs. People could not stop talking about how cute the proposal was.

Netizens are gushing over this cute viral post left, right, and center

It is safe to say that this viral post has left a huge impact on the netizens. People are constantly praising this innovative idea of proposing. Some even shared their own experiences with proposals. One user wrote as we quote,

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