Awesome bartender skills

Bartending is not just a profession but a creativity which is not at all a piece of cake to do. It is something in which you need to keep your competence high. Bartending is not all about mixing of two drinks! Mixing of cocktails also eventually goes wrong if you’re not well expertise. But not now anymore. It is well said that practice makes a man perfect, but only practicing won’t make a way out. You need to know several tricks to make your bartending go WOW!

Here we bring you few steps that would help your bartending skills go awesome and making your drinks exclusive. Check it out and thanks us later.


1. Analyze and experiment

Checking out for exclusive bartending books like “The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique” by Jeffrey Morgenthaler is one of the basic way to enhance your expertnes.You go also go watching bar tending videos on YouTube. For hand to hand expierence, you can visit your nearest bar and checkout your favorite bar tender in action.

bartending skills book

2. Practice makes a man perfect

Practicing bartending more often will improve your skills and help you know more about it. Practicing more often will also help you to get used to your hand movements and will make you a pro.

bartending techniques

3. Have commandments on your free pour

Stop being dependent on the devices like jiggers which helps you to measure accurate amount of drinks that needs to be added. Infact, work on your free pouring skills. It will help you pour liquids without using of jiggers and will make your bartending go more confident and impressive.

bartending practice

4. Try out your own inventions

Stand out inventing your own cocktails. Experimenting while learning will boost up your basic bartending skills. Trial and error is always fun, you”ll make mistakes but ultimately ball will be in your court. Trying out new recipes with the old ones and making variations will help you learn more about inventing new classics!


bartending skills
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5. Explore your flaming drink techniques

Try being perfect in your flame game! It not only sharpens your bartending skills but also make your drinks way more impressive and appetizing. Also, you need to keep certain precautions while working with flame.

flaming drink techniques

6. Have a sharp memory

The basic and foremost rule to become an expert bartender is to sharpen your memory. You need to memorize the recipes of the drinks that are going to be highlighted on your bar’s cocktail list. Also, remember which drinks are to be blended, this wil surely boost up your bartending skills and will keep your customers requests high.

What Makes a Good Bartender

7. Try to find out your customer’s requirement

Being an exclusive bartender might be difficult but not impossible. The fundamental practice to rise and shine in bartending is knowing your customer’s demand. Try reading out people and their demands. What they actually need, a not so hard drink or a strong cocktail. This technique will not only let you become a good bartender but will also attract customers for your drinks.

Important Bartender Skills

8. Maintain cleanliness on your work place

To improve your proficiency in bartending you must maintain proper hygienic conditions where you work.As a clean and well sanitized condition may captivate more customers attention. You must have a routine to regularly clean up your bar stuffs and conduct regular health inspections that will help in keeping your environment safe and sound.

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Being an expert in bartending might be difficult but won’t be hopeless. Keep trying and practicing which will surely help you in improving your bartending skills. So here were few tips that would help you in becoming an outstanding bartender.

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